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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Focus GTD 3 is a GTD application for Android that can synchronize with OmniFocus 3 (only) on the Mac and iOS. It supports the full GTD methodology with Tasks, Projects and Contexts. This application is in no way related to OmniGroup. YOUR TASKS IN YOUR POCKET FocusGTD reminds you when tasks become due. You can configure the time and date when you want to be reminded. SYNCS WITH OMNIFOCUS ON MAC/iOS FocusGTD synchronizes data with OmniFocus* (version 3 or higher) on the Mac or iOS. Note that at least one copy of OmniFocus* is required in order to synchronize. CATEGORIZE YOUR TASKS WITH TAGS Create tags for persons, locations, places, energy level or priority and organize your tasks in any way you want. USE OMNISYNC SERVER OR YOUR OWN FocusGTD works with OmniSync Server* or you can also use another WebDAV shared drive. NOTE EDITING Tap on the note description in the task detail screen to edit notes. You can style the text with bold or italics fonts to make sections stand out. WIDGETS Use widgets to stay on top of important projects. You can add a home screen link that will open a quick entry panel to quickly let you add tasks to your inbox. SHARE FROM ANY APPLICATION You can send links to web pages or other text clips into your inbox using the standard Android share sheet. Limitations Note that FocusGTD3 is only compatible with OmniFocus 3. If you have problems that your account is deleted when you reboot your phone, please check the "FocusGTD JellyBean Workaround" app (simplest by clicking on the developer name). You have to install this app alongside FocusGTD to prevent this Android bug from removing your account. In case you have synchronization problems, please go to the Websites FAQ section which contains basic tips on how to improve the synchronization.

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