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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Fold, move, and unfold tiles to complete the levels and melt through the tricky maze. Focus, skill and strategy are needed to win! Geek-out with this free puzzle game! Right now is an amazing time to start playing Folding Tiles — the tricky, yet antistress game where you unfold square tiles to fill the grid. Hundreds of tricky levels to complete and endless tiles to unfold; you will never be bored again! Move the tiles around the grid to solve the puzzles! Complete level after level, we are always adding more! Too tough? You can always undo or replay each level! Peak antistress Are you square enough to unlock all the amazing skins? Unfold the daily puzzle — new challenge every day! Tricky, antistress game to focus your mind! Each move folds a square ❤️ Bored? Never again! Are you geek enough to fill the grid? Take charge and complete thousands of levels before your friends! Addictive, go on, make another move! Bet you never thought square tiles could be this tricky Did you know, with Folding Tiles you are guaranteed to antistress within 20 seconds of your first unfold? And you'll never get bored, as the levels get progressively harder! Just unfold another square! What are you waiting for? Start playing now

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