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This is a great resource guide for those searching for the Forrest Fenn Treasure. The app has the treasure poem, Forrest Fenn clues, key poem word definitions, resource links and a GPS location tool (location services required and must be turned on). Now no matter where you are, you have all the key information at your finger tips. This is a great resource for when you do boots on the ground and you may not have cell/internet access. The GPS tool allows you to record your current location and saves the longitude, latitude and elevation. Happy treasure hunting! + Treasure Poem + Forrest Fenn Clues + Key Poem Word Definitions + Resource Links + GPS Location Tool (location services required and must be turned on) Forrest Fenn Treasure Overview For The Unfamiliar: The millionaire Forrest Fenn claims he has hidden a treasure chest containing an estimated $2 million worth of gold coins, gold nuggets, jewelry and more in the mountains north of Santa Fe New Mexico. His book "The Thrill of the Chase" contains a poem which has all the clues to where he hid the treasure. Disclaimer: This app has no affiliation with Forrest Fenn. Do not search for the treasure without taking safety precaution.

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