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Mar, 2020


Mar, 2020



Do you enjoy hunting for hidden objects, solving the mysteries, searching for hidden treasure, and playing puzzle games? Do you have an eye for finding hidden clues? Get your brain working and test your seek and find skills! Investigate all the mysteries this trendy game holds and enjoy a little time off the puzzles while decorating the hotel. Join Hidden Hotel, addictive hidden object search mobile game and let the mysterious adventure begin! Hidden Hotel players are so in love with this brilliant storyline that they just can’t put it down! Search like a pro Hidden Hotel game is different from other brain games such as Match 3 puzzles! Here, you’ll find hidden objects concealed within a picture. Feel like a detective from the addictive novels. Activate your sense of observation to find mysterious clues in the Hidden Hotel mobile game. Solve challenging puzzles, seek hidden items, uncover secret rooms, and complete exciting quests. Find tiny clues and solve the great mystery! Mind the details Difficulty increases as you play each hidden mystery scene seeking new hidden objects. Tap and open the doors to find hidden objects behind them. Pull aside the curtains and open the boxes to reveal what hidden items are concealed there. It's not simple, but you can do this! Get the highest score for every hidden scene, no matter how tricky it is! Hidden Hotel is all about brain stimulating and addictive fun! Take advantage of boosters Use search tools if you get stuck. Boosters help to find hidden objects faster and speed up progress! Lanterns highlight hidden objects. Clocks give some extra time. The keys open 3 items on the location. Radars show every item in the scene for a second. Try all the search modes Hidden Hotel includes a wide variety of mysterious hidden object seek and find modes: word search, cobweb, silhouette, reverse words, and coins. To make things even more exciting, we update our content with brand new perks so that you can always find fun puzzle levels! Pay attention to all the hidden clues, and maybe Hidden Hotel will reveal its secrets to you! Come inside and find Artistically crafted hidden object scenes located in the old mansion will give you a chance to relax! Hidden Hotel is full of eye-catching objects and fascinating settings. Seek and find fruits and delicious desserts in the kitchen, postcards, magnets, and figurines in the souvenir shop, flowers, sunglasses or jewelry in the actress’s hotel apartments. Give it a go Unique design of hidden object scenes appeal to people with some taste for the art of hidden object hunting. Due to impressive colorfulness and detailed calming environments, this relaxing game attracts players of all ages. Addictive seek and find images evoke curiosity and keep your attention for a long time. Hidden Hotel search takes hours to examine the mysterious rooms. Feel like a hero of the adventure story and dive into the virtual world of Hidden Hotel! Enjoy the benefits Hidden Hotel game helps you develop an eye for details, sharp memory, and good logical skills. Try your concentration while searching for fun hidden objects. This addictive game is useful for the whole family and for players of all ages. Escape from boredom and relieve yourself from the stress of everyday life. Test your seek and find expertise and keep your brain well-trained! FEATURES ● Mix of hidden object game and hotel renovation ● Incredible cinematic storyline ● Designable interiors ● Cute characters ● Daily bonuses Are you ready to start your search for the trendy hidden object game? Prove that you have eagle-eye seek-and-find skills! Mystery games and adventures await you! Immerse yourself in the world of hidden objects! Hidden objects won't stay hidden long with your talent on the task! Join the popular detective search-and-find mobile game Hidden Hotel now! And recommend this game to your friends!

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Anna Rose Castillo on 2020-04-05
No response! I played this for long time. So sad that it keeps on crashing today, as i opened it, it stays on loading mode then black screen. Pls fix this.. I really want and enjoyed the game.. I don't want to lose the phase I'm in..I don't want to uninstall it and lose all the efforts in the game.trying my best to start the game, clear the cached, restart the device, force stop.. but nothing happen.. PS. I already submitted my complaints, sad to say no further actions from your team.
Suzanne Fletcher on 2020-04-05
Love this game but I wish there wasn't a timer on it you dont get enough time to look as the objects are never in the same place like most other games are. Come on guys can't you take the timer away I lose all my lives trying to get one star its sooooo annoying.....Not played this for some time and it's been updated but they still left the timer on and the objects still move and not left in the place you first found them, so come on take the timer off and stop moving the objects
Megan Clarke on 2020-04-05
Ever since the last update, I'm redoing stars that I've already done & area that I fixed up are like they were when I first started. Plus characters are there that shouldn't be, it's confusing. Plus I'd like to suggest when mini-games, rewards, etc take forever to finish, I wish you could skip it like you can in the story. Plus the character movement is kinda slow at times. I SENT AN EMAIL WITH NO RESPONSE FOR HELP, SO IM DELETING THE GAME!!
Megan Clarke on 2020-04-05
Ever since the last update, I'm redoing stars that I've already done & area that I fixed up are like they were when I first started. Plus characters are there that shouldn't be, it's confusing. UNLESS THIS IS FIXED SOON, I'LL BE DELETING THE GAME!! Plus I'd like to suggest when mini-games, rewards, etc take forever to finish, I wish you could skip it like you can in the story. Plus the character movement is kinda slow at times.
jessica bia on 2020-04-05
I love the game, it is pleasurable to play but when i try to play it again after some time, the game takes forever to load the bar during the opening. There is nothing problem with my internet connection. Previously, i have uninstalled it but then i reinstalled the game again and i'm still facing the same problem. I don't what happen, if it continuously being like that, I'm sorry. I will uninstall it!
Wafaa Nabila on 2020-04-05
Sorry, i need to change the star rate. I used to love this game. But since i updated to latest version the loading bar remain stuck at 97% for over a week now. I'm unable to get access to this game, the game is not even open. I'm sure this is not related with my internet connection. It happens right after i've update newest version. Hope your team fix the bugs soonest possible. Thanks!
jyotiparna banerjee on 2020-04-05
So, I'm playing this for some time now and I'm on 52nd day. By far, everything was fine but for four days the game is not loading,there is no task, they are just showing "coming soon"... . I've cleared cached data,made some more room annnddd it's still not loading . Before I've given this game 5 stars but now it's only 2 stars I can manage to give What do I do now?
shazia shafi on 2020-04-05
Worst ever app I have installed on my phone. Initially it works well but as you progress in the game it is impossible to continue without paying. I have already spend a lot of money buying for some time package but now I just un installed it and the only purpose for writing this review os that no one else wastes time and money on this bogus app
Charlene Pollard on 2020-04-05
I freaking love this game cause there is no candy crush b#l$+t. I have gotten so far in this game and guys desid to change the game. Since that I can't go in an play the game I love that doesn't have candy crush. I can't play your other game cause you have in the rest. Please fix my favorite game that I can please play.
Connie Scott on 2020-04-05
addictive, fun never boring. Frustrated at the moment! Game keeps freezing up, I suspect that its my crappy Chromebook though and not the games fault. However, none of the other games I play do this. I uninstall and it works fine for a time. Any suggestions other than I need a new laptop and hopefully soon.

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