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May, 2020


May, 2020



Become the biggest coffee shop leader in the business! Create & manage your coffee empire in the caffeine boosted idle game! Refine your coffee recipes, boost managers and automate your workflow! Expand your franchise and give your economy a boost with specialized managers that will automate the workflow of your shop! FEATURES ★ Automate your workflow to increase your idle income ★ Get idle cash, even when you are offline ★ Profit from a smart investment or two to boost your economy ★ Hire managers to increase your workers’ motivation ★ Prestige feature ★ Manage your coffee shops worldwide! ★ No internet connection needed 💰Build the biggest caffeine empire ever!💰

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Socially Awkward on 2020-06-02
Latest update jammed the game. After prestige it's possible to hire first barista before pop up "let's hire the barista!". Nothing works after that. I played daily a half a year and can't anymore :( (couple bugs that have not been fixed/found: When setting all sounds to mute, it doesn't mute the moon flag sound. Only after visiting another cafe it dissappears but opening the game again returns. Same with visiting the card collection page. Card tips pop up repeatedly. Others help so I wont mentio
Hades Fire on 2020-06-02
Really fun game with lots of rewards. Ads are optional and come with imstant rewards after watching them which I LOVE. Game is enjoyable and useful to pass the time or relax. Prices for optional game packs/boosts are affordable.
Hades Fire on 2020-06-02
Really fun game with lots of rewards. I just wish the coffee options for customers had prices on them so you know how much specific types of coffee make when choosing them from the counters.
Starry sweets on 2020-06-02
It's fun... Its easy to play and I just love it... I wish there was another way to get golden beans than to prestige my café... Because almost every day I have to prestige...
Elijah Bursell on 2020-06-02
this is the best game i have ever played in my life! evreyone is always talking about ads well maybe they should focus on that thier game was an ad!!!
Patty Woods on 2020-06-02
I love thiz game it needs no wifi and there is nothing wrong with it some of my friend installed it and they said it was awsomelove this game
Christine Joyce Capuno on 2020-06-02
Hello creator your game is very very slow if i download can you pls. Update is in the add and i very very excited if i download and i like 2
Paige Farrelly on 2020-06-02
Because it is a wonderfull and miraculas gams fo people to play doesn't take up any internet or wifi and is just so easy to play.
Ganga Lavana on 2020-06-02
A very very very good game, when iplayed it i like it very much,i suggest that please download this game
Amari Berrie on 2020-06-02
I honestly enjoy this game alot (like other coffee games and such) and I have no complaints either

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