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MAKE EXTRA CASH FOR HOLIDAY SEASON Need extra cash for holiday shopping? Sign up, make money, and earn a little extra for the holidays. BE A HOUSEHOLD HERO From families to seniors, make someone's day, every day by delivering groceries and everyday essentials when they need them the most. FLEXIBILITY TO MEET YOUR NEEDS Earn with Instacart while balancing work and life. Shop and/or deliver on your own schedule. CHOOSE YOUR PERSONAL PATH Be your own boss or develop a career path as an employee — it’s up to you. Get started as a full-service shopper and shop and deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doors, or sign up as an in-store shopper and shop for groceries in-store, working with a great team and growing your career with Instacart. GET PAID FAST Get paid weekly. Full service shoppers cash out every day with Instant Cashout.

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Terri Belton on 2020-02-18
I don't know if the trouble is worth the reward. When I'm not on shift I get notifications just fine. While on shift, nothing seems available. The app glitched while shopping and I had to re-scan my items wasting time. The GPS to the destination SUCKS. I've been in an accident before because GPS instructions weren't clear. Of course, they aren't liable. Today, once again couldn't find the location based on instructions. Also, it so hard to contact customers! Only good thing is the cashout time.
Gary Smith on 2020-02-18
Two important problems that need to be resolved ASAP. One of the issues is the LOCATION/GPS/TRACKING. The tracking is not continuously tracking when I exit out the app or my phone becomes idle. The second issue is when I get a batch, I can not see QUANTITIEY of items for each item when scrolling through the batch to see what kind of items I'm dealing with. That's been a major issue in the last 3 to 4 updates. Don't want to contact support or none of that. Everyone is saying same thing. Just fix
Adrian Wickline on 2020-02-18
Starting to See A Pattern...I'm Interested in This as a Shopper as I'm at my Local Store Constantly. But having Downloaded the App. Applied for Position.. Update App.. After receiveing an Email Regarding Availibilty Wait for Download of Update and Install for it to Tell me there are NO AVAILABLE POSITIONS...What is that all about?? If I Have The Time to do This I must have Time to do What I could be doing when I have to go Shopping as Should anyone Making a few Xtra $$ would be nice.. Mislead
Tokoloshe Bishop on 2020-02-18
Good customer service. U sign up as an independent contractor (pay your own taxes) 4 the first week U get a chance to make11$ hr hustling. Wear on Car+Customer tips save U tin making 11$ If U don't sign up for a schedule & vacation time where they send U anywhere&every while potentially lowering your wage then UR runs dissapear. At 6pm they all show up when all the "independent contractors" R off signed &locked schedules. Looking 4 another job. 8to7 wasn't good 4 them 6 days. Roadies Better
#thebigwhatsup on 2020-02-18
What is scam you can run as a customer. why not tip a $100 and take the tip away every time u get your grocierys? Customer can always get stuff delivered for $8 and, by tipping alot, this will always give customer priority. This service is ripe for scams. Instacart needs to change the policy for shoppers!!! what's the point giving your customer good service if they can take tip away!! As a shopper, you're better off playing the tipping odds. who cares if they get the groceries or not
Kim Kubo on 2020-02-18
Incredibly glitchy app. There's always some sort of problem after they do an app update. The latest bug makes it so you can't see the quantity numbers of each individual item being ordered. The "Accept batch" button is right on top of the numbers! It's been this way for days. No, it's not my phone. No, uninstalling and reinstalling app doesn't work. No, clearing cache, etc, doesn't work. Get it together Instacart!
CreativeCatCorner Rf on 2020-02-18
Great tool for a perfect part time job for me. As a 50% disabled veteran, it helps me earn money while I help others. **While I have your attention (if) Kodi, a flash for darker porch pictures would be awesome. Also, being able to zoom in on an enhanced photo of the item I'm looking for would be very helpful to myself, as a shopper, as much as it would be for store staff trying to assist me.
Katara M on 2020-02-18
Decent but they are starting to Penny pinch. I use to make more money for doing similar batches now I make less. They are cutting costs ESPECIALLY when you have to drive far to deliver. They will lose a lot of quality workers and end up with poor people trying to grab every penny who care little about service and quality picking. O well, another company that cuts the wrong corners.
Queen Bee on 2020-02-18
I love working for instacart. My only problem I have is I don't like that I can't cancel a batch. There has been a few times where I made a mistake and accepted a batch by accident and I had to call support. I wish we could cancel on our own. I also wish to see if the payment is online before I begin the shopping process that way I will know if I need my card or not
Tonya Robertson on 2020-02-18
PLEASE STOP UPDATING FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!! You're messing up the batches!!! This app falters everyday. I sit and wait for orders only to find out that the notifications aren't pushing through. I uninstall and reinstall, clear the cache and wipe the batch only to sit and wait. AND EVERYTIME THIS APP UPDATES...IT MAKES IT ACTS UP WORSE!

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