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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



Ledger Book is a Free and the best accounting app, which helps to manage your Credit Debit, Income Expense day to day transaction with many advantages compared to traditional ways of maintaining physical cashbook such as normal books and paper. Why use Ledger Book ? It is very convenient to managing entries of your credit/debit in a Digital Cash book with our Application. Features: Ease Of Backup: No need to worry about backup, we provide you Cloud Backup as well as Local Backup option for better user convenience. Report in PDF: Save transactions in PDF by Filter Security: PIN lock system. So that, apart from you no one able to access your account's entries. Flexible Entries: Add, Edit, Update and Delete Entry within Ledger / Account (Swap Left to Edit/Delete). Simplicity: Easy to use and navigate entire app by just swipe left to locate all options. Share: One click Share whole Ledger / Account Entry of a particular account with respective person. Offline: Works even if there is no internet connection (internet connection is required for cloud backup service). Dashboard: Dashboard is quick look of entire application transaction. We provide you 10 latest transaction and total summary of your accounts on the Dashboard page. One-click transaction: Add/Edit Transaction from Ledger/Account. One-click update transaction : User can update previously made transaction by just clicking on that particular transaction. Filter Data: - We provide best in class and highly requested an all-in-one filter. - Search Ledger / Account - Date wise filter of your entry. - Date wise entry for particular Ledger / Account. - Credit/Debit wise filtration. Forget Pin : Email us on [email protected] . We will respond you within 24 hours. More Languages : Now Available in English, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Gujarati. Ledgerbook app is a simplified version of standard account software such as cashbook app which acts as debit / credit, Income/Expense, Payer/Payee accounting ledger book, just add Account and then you can start adding the credit and debit amount which they or you have taken and see the entries. Ledger Book is to maintaining your credit debit accounts and personal ledger (party wise) like a daily cashbook. - Get summary of cash flow and due reminders. - Create account with details to maintain Ledger and Cash Book. - Maintain credit / debit transaction (entry) for account within General Ledger or Account Book. If you really like our app, then please rate us. If you have any query/feedback regarding this application please mail us on [email protected] Your rating/feedback will be highly appreciated.

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