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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



Watch LIVE entertainers like never before! Interact with streamers and their communities from around the world in real time. Don’t miss a moment! The incredibly popular international app 17 Live (40,000,000+ downloads) is now available in the US as LIVIT! LIVIT: TOP 3 FEATURES • Watch live videos from artists, dancers, models and so much more 24/7. • Connect with uniquely awesome personalities and the community using real-time chat, animated filters and interactive games. • Go live to share your talents with the world or help streamers win life-changing prizes during awesome events! Join the world’s leading live streaming platform on iPhone and iPad! Whether you’re an anonymous viewer, casual fan or the next great singer, there’s a home for you at LIVIT. For feedback and assistance, please visit our Support Center:

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kaeth salah on 2020-03-28
Very slow. I am from Iraq. The servers are slow. This is not only support. There is a live chat. This is good, but when corresponding, he asks you to send them via e-mail and then they do not answer.
Alex taylor on 2020-03-28
I'm experiencing technical difficulties its saying that the network is busy and I'm trying to get on the app but I can't get on it
Brayton Movies on 2020-03-28
I really want to know can I have the freedom to talk about films on this platform if you can get back to me that will be awesome.
LOL Player on 2020-03-28
So expensive now to buy coins,last month 157.99=15420 coins and this month 157.99=12700 coins so big difference
Richard Dawkins on 2020-03-28
Canceled account over 2 months ago , they started charging me again for an unistalled app. Thieves
Nicholas Near on 2020-03-28
After your update the lag got worse. Now we have a 20s delay before streamers can see our text.
Seowtin Teo on 2020-03-28
Great streaming app better than any other similar apps developed by mainland China apparently.
Mahavir Bisht on 2020-03-28
Best app for live streaming with beautiful community to talk to , unlike other apps
Benjamin Delp on 2020-03-28
App no good not worth looking at or searching for people just a waste of time.
Steven Lee on 2020-03-28
It's impossible to search for a specific streamer. This program is terrible.

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