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Get connected with local groups and events so you can meet new people and try new things. Use Meetup to explore your city, build your career, find support, get out of your comfort zone, or pursue a passion. Download the app to discover events hosted by local groups, or start a group to schedule your own events. Discover local events and groups - Get matched with events based on your interests, from book clubs to free yoga and more - Explore groups and events by category, search by keyword, or see what’s popular in your area - Save events you’re interested in and revisit them later - Use discussions and messaging to stay in touch with the people you meet - Easily switch between locations to find great experiences no matter where you are Start a group - Host your own events by creating a group for whatever you’re into - Watch your community grow as your group is recommended to interested people - Easily personalize and schedule events on-the-fly, and manage your group from anywhere - Keep the momentum going between events by sharing photos and using discussions and messaging to connect with the people in your group Get in touch with questions or suggestions: [email protected] In order to recommend Meetup events that are close to you and show your distance from a scheduled event, we use your device's precise location (GPS and network-based).

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RedFoxNewMedia on 2020-02-28
The app works well but lacks a few features of the website. Understandable given the smaller screen real estate available though. As a tool to meeting new people and reinvigorating old hobbies or discovering new ones it's wonderful. A few months in I thought I would add to this review. App works well but what irritates me with practically every use is that the sort order for searches isn't 'sticky', sorts by relevance (their idea of it) not date. Need to set with each search. So minus one star.
K Wid on 2020-02-28
You give teasers about information but you don't actually give the full details of any actual event until you click all the way through to it. It makes you waste a lot of time. Why in the notifications can't you give at least some details about the event and not just tell me there's a new event? I don't want to look at the FULL details of every event notification just to find out if I'm interested. Please give more details about the event in the notification so I don't have to waste time.
Cate Chow on 2020-02-28
Ive had a lot of trouble getting notifications. Your people suggested I delete my profile, which I did, and I was booted out of all my groups and had to start from scratch. All my history, including paid dues, was gone. On the plus side, it's a great way to meet people with similar interests, but it also seems like interest ou s waning and fewer groups are being creates.
George Baxter on 2020-02-28
Now with the update it's really messed up. I'll try the laptop browser tomorrow.. I can only see one person, but there were more. And don't say thy maybe in a different group. They were there the other day. Trying to email someone that went to a event. Too many emails! Can't find a way to stop them! Unorganized!
Lisa Nicole on 2020-02-28
Using the MeetUp app has all the functionality you need. You can easily find same day events, search for new groups to join, message other groupies or organizers and even create your own group, ALL from the app. It keeps me socially connected..I love it.
Marilisa Rau on 2020-02-28
I guess the app works fine, but trying to upload one photo in the app or on the website truly SUCKS. Sometimes the upload works and sometimes it doesn't. Not sure why this would be an ongoing issue since our lives are lived through photos. Please fix.
Florin on 2020-02-28
Can't use at all, when I try to upload the profile photo, any photo, I get an error: "Oops, can't upload photo. Try again and make sure there is no text in the photo." There is absolutely no text in any of my photos! Uninstalled right away!
Jamie Sheridan on 2020-02-28
I Took a star away because you can't add more or edit interests it would be great if they could add the more interests option in a update then it would be a 5 star rating other than that it's a great app
Marianela Orellana on 2020-02-28
The Bible meet up is awesome. It helps you expand your knowledge of the Holy Scriptures as it ministers your life in your walk with the Lord. Excellent group. I am delighted with this study group.
sandeep chopra on 2020-02-28
Not able to change location. Following error comes "sorry, something went wrong. Please try again". Facing this error since many days. I will change rating if you please solve problem.

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