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(*) Before you buy it, please check the free Lite version. (*) With the app purchase, you get all features (incl. any free future updates), EXCEPT those belonging to the Pro features yearly Subscription, see below. (*) We do not show/have tower locations, but indications of cell locations from the Mozilla MLS database. (*) We constantly develop new features with FREE updates. All these developments, are available with your app Purchase, along with any new coming free updates, as in Release 4. Also in Release 4 (July 2017), we added NEW Pro features/development, for a small yearly subscription fee, for the Telecom Professionals, to support our work. Thank you. Network Cell Info is a cell network monitor and measurements log tool (4G+, LTE, CDMA, WCDMA, GSM). It provides also WiFi info (beta). Features comparison: Main features: Almost Real-Time (1 sec.) monitoring of cellular and WiFi signals, in Gauge/Raw Tabs (*) GSM, CDMA, UMTS (WCDMA), IWLAN, LTE, LTE+ support Dual SIM support (*) 5/6 Signal-meter gauges for both SIMs and WiFi (*) Signal Plots, up to 6 cells EARFCN, Carrier Frequency (Fc), Band number/name show (Logs only in PRO) (**) SIM# preference option, for other than Gauge tab Map with network cellular info and signal-meter gauges Logs, Measurements of cellular signals (can be saved/exported in the Map tab) Indication of cell locations (not cell towers) in the Map, from Mozilla Location Service (MLS), excl. CDMA (*) Route coloring (in the Map) according to the signal strength, and map markers with location and signal info Measurements in Background Measurements settings (minimum distance, minimum accuracy, motion sensor, etc.) Database export measurements in KML 2.2, MLS Geosubmit v.2, CLF v.3, OpenCellID CSV, CMWF database types Network information in Status Bar Sound notifications (on system, cell id changes) Raw view of network cellular info Connection statistics (2G/2.5G/3G/3.5G/4G/4G+) SIM and device info Screen rotation and more... PRO features yearly subscription (ver 4+): CMWF Pro DB: Log xARFCN, Fc, Band, RSRQ, etc., CMWF Pro N DB: Log neighbor Compact Cell Raw View (1-row per cell) (*) Notes: Data accuracy is dependent on the device implementation of Android APIs. Not all manufacturers/devices implement fully/correctly Android APIs. For Android < 5.0, Dual SIM is not supported for non-MediaTek devices, due to Android/device limitation. You may use Mozilla Stumbler app, to update the Mozilla MLS database in your area. (**) xARFCN, Band, Fc, for Android 7+ devices implementing well the corresponding Android API 17+ telephony functions. BETA, when available: Manual: FAQ: (also FAQ inside app settings / about) Common database format: Pro subscription database format: Phone issues: Dual SIM issues: Make sure you enable it in the app settings, * Tips to common install issues: 1. If Google Play hangs while installing the app, reboot your device. * Tips to common start-up issues: 1. Update app to latest Release (try not to skip updates) 2. Uninstall the app, (reboot the device,) and re-install. 3. Perform any pending system and/or google apps update(s), and re-install the app. 4. If your Android/ROM/root somehow modifies the apk, then the app will not work. 5. Turn the internet on, before you start the app for the first time (or after a long time). 6. Email us to help you! Thanks for all the feedback!

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