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May, 2020


May, 2020



News Break is your one-stop destination for local news and information at scale, wherever you live and work in the country. We put you and your community at the center of local-content discovery! News Break helps people live safer, more vibrant, more truly connected lives. Highlights • News Break brings you a curated daily brief focused on local news, crime, traffic, events, and more – a hyper-relevant feed, tailored to your specific needs and interests • Our intelligent local news platform aggregates rich, relevant content from more than 10,000 trusted news outlets across the U.S. Know Your Town • More than a news platform – find local restaurants, local deals, shop openings, and more – all in a single app! • Read unique perspectives and personal stories from local writers and content creators • Go beyond the cacophony of national political news and commentary and instead focus on what matters – the incredible things that are happening right where you live and work! Express Yourself • Don’t just read the news, discuss it with other News Break readers! • News Break welcomes all respectful perspectives and points of view Support the Cause • News Break is working hard to revive the local-news ecosystem by supporting small publishers around the U.S. • And we are activating legions of local bloggers and content creators – people just like you – that have important things to say about their communities. Join in and share your views & news! What are you waiting for? Download News Break today and start living a safer, more vibrant, more connected life through the power of local news and information! News Break – Better Informed, Better Life

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Olivia Reynolds on 2020-06-04
I really like this, but there is one reoccurring at that is so annoying that it's ruining it. Also the clickbait, but at least I can avoid that. There is one ad for a game that is just gross to me. It's for a pimple popping game and I'm just going to uninstall. I understand the need for ads but that one is repetitive, irrelevant and disgusting.
Larry Cosner on 2020-06-04
Due 2 poor reviews, I find no reason to download, waste my data and time then delete. Just remove it until they get REAL Programmers and sufficient sponsors willing to pay decent rates without cramming ads up our asses to read any article...DON'T SUPPORT POOR REPORTING SPONSORED BY CHEAP ADVERTISING.
Evan Shroka on 2020-06-04
Too many ads. After you get to the ads half the time they app doesn't work. Just tried again five times. I click on the video and it does not work. So now I tried seven times. You need to fix this now!! Why do you post videos that you cannot watch?
Ky Goode on 2020-06-04
My Experience with News Break has been nothing less then Perfect. Real News as well as accurate news.... Very Quick when delivering the news and also very quick when updating the news❗❗❗I Friggin love this app....Keep up the supurb work❗❗
Eduardo HowCome Damiano Franco on 2020-06-04
God I hate this app . I enter my town Hemet CA news and Temecula pops up I only interested in Hemet I enter my zip 92543 and Temecula and other surrounding towns mix with Hemet frustrating app 1 star is too much
peaches on 2020-06-04
My comments keep disappearing. I'm not using any foul language. Not saying anything inappropriate. And not being disrespectful yet my comments keep getting deleted. Was going to give 5 stars but not anymore.
Sharon Hughes on 2020-06-04
Always very easy to read always up-to-date very useful helpful for everyday today topics it's really helpful to know what's going on with all the chaos in the world
Mary Turner on 2020-06-04
When I really need to know my weather I go to news break and get just what I want to know Thank you News Break for being there for me every time
Matt Dixon on 2020-06-04
Shows me something interesting I click on it and it takes me to the home page and I can not find the article I was looking for
Alexis Leftridge on 2020-06-04
An app basically for people who are racist basterds, I understand people have freedom of speech but but they take it far

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