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Norton Secure VPN is a VPN Proxy and security app that helps keep you safe while you surf the web. Enjoy global access to all your favorite apps and websites wherever you are. Change your location, and take charge of your app and browser security and privacy when using public WiFi. Brought to you by one of the world’s most trusted security and online privacy brands, Norton Secure VPN Proxy helps protect over 1 million users online. Bank-grade data encryption helps to keep your personal information private. Norton blocks ads from tracking you so that you can stay safe and anonymous online. ✔ Trusted VPN proxy security app Our secure VPN Proxy online privacy technology is provided to you by one of the world’s most trusted security brands, Norton. ✔ Encrypts your data and protects your privacy The no-log secure VPN app service that will encrypt data without tracking or storing your online activity. Bank grade encryption helps protect your sensitive info. Make payments online without worrying about hackers on public wifi. ✔ Helps you to protect your privacy and stay anonymous online Norton Secure VPN Proxy is dedicated helping to protect your internet privacy and security. The VPN Proxy app prevents your online activity from being tracked by 3rd party trackers, including ISPs, or the websites that you visit, giving you private internet access, security in apps. ✔ Unlock global content and entertainment wherever you are You can use the fast, unlimited VPN proxy security and online privacy app as much as you want, without any restrictions. Don’t miss out on your favorite websites and apps. Switch regions for fast and secure access to content around the world. ✔ Online privacy protection on public WiFi hotspots Enjoy peace of mind when you’re connected to public WiFi with Norton Secure VPN Proxy. Your physical location and most sensitive information, like passwords and credit card numbers are encrypted in the VPN tunnel while surfing public hotspots. ✔ Removes ad trackers Norton Secure VPN Proxy Security App helps block ad trackers by intercepting cookies and removing your identifying information. Start your 7 day free trial* to help protect your Wi-Fi connections now! Norton Secure VPN Proxy app is the Wi-Fi security and online privacy solution you need. SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS ◦ Norton Secure VPN Proxy Subscription provides more secure and private internet access for your mobile device. ◦ 7 day free VPN app trial requires activation of annual subscription (see in-app product pricing). ◦ Cancel from this page or within your Google Play account before the end of the trial to avoid payment. ◦ Subscription (including 7 Day VPN free trial) will renew automatically at the end of the subscription term unless canceled. ◦ Annual subscription is for one device only. Money-back guarantee: It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Start your 7 day free VPN trial* to help protect your WiFi connections now! Norton Secure VPN Proxy app is the best free, fast VPN WiFi security and online privacy solution you need.

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Robert Campagna on 2020-02-17
Feel super safe using Norton Secure VPN! I love Norton products. I've used them for years! Keep working to stay ahead of the creeps out there looking to hack us and spread malware Norton. I will always use Norton! Norton Secure VPN works seamlessly with LOOKOUT PREMIUM VPN too, after some software updates around May 2019. WILL ALWAYS TRUST MY SAFETY TO NORTON FIRST! And again, after a brief hiccup, I AM BACK to Norton Security Suite and Norton VPN. Perfect security answer for an average USER.
David Morris on 2020-02-17
Overall I like the app and depend on it to provide protection on my phone. Only complaint is that it doesn't always provide automatic connection on public networks when I'm out and about. Sometimes I'll even find it hasn't kicked in on my home network either - I have to try and remember to check to make sure it's providing protection, which shouldn't be an issue, especially at home.
نوا on 2020-02-17
I rate this VPN App 0 Thank you for your response but This app has too many problems in android and ios I don't recommend this vpn don't waste your time I have followed your instructions uninstall and reinstall vpn connection keeps getting disconnected on mobile data and WiFi
نوا on 2020-02-17
Dear developer Thank you for your response but This app has too many problems in android and ios I have followed your instructions uninstall and reinstall vpn connection keeps getting disconnected on mobile data and WiFi Please release a fix update
Austin Wells on 2020-02-17
Norton and life lock reminds me of the mob truth be known they responsible for identity theft and you have to get Norton and lifelock for protection like the mob does when they want payment for them to keep there guys taking payment is how o feel
Pennie Murray on 2020-02-17
I've been using this app for like a week now, i'm really liking it so far. It really does work. That's the main reason to begin with! I'd definitely recommend it to everyone!
Vincent Timog on 2020-02-17
Speed is not up to par to before without it. Waiting and observing how these promised improvements come along. Can turn this app off anytime if this disappoint.
LEANN BEAVERS on 2020-02-17
I was without my Norton 360 for 2 months and I got hacked. My debit card was stolen and I got 267 pup viruses. I will never go without it again.
RJ Love on 2020-02-17
Felt secure surfing the web and getting warnings about malware and unsafe sites. Haven't gotten any ads for things that I search randomly
Hira Hussain on 2020-02-17
Not bad could be faster to load but overalll fine i did get hacked so didnt waork as well but he was a pro hacker highly recomend it

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