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Notepad Free is a small and fast app to create and edit text notes. Features: * simple interface that most of the users find easy to use * no limits on note's length or number of notes (of course there's a limit to phone's storage) * creating and editing text notes * sharing notes with other apps (e.g. sending a note in Gmail) * widgets allowing to quickly create or edit notes * backup function for saving and loading notes from a backup file (zip file) ** Important ** Please remember to make a backup copy of notes before formatting a phone or buying a new phone. * Why do I advise to not install the app on an SD card? I follow Google's advice to block installing on an SD card apps that use widgets. This app uses widgets, which are like icons for the notes, and can be placed on a phone's home screen (for example). * Why is the permission for writing on SD card listed on the permissions list? It's optional, and it's needed for the backup function. The backup functions creates a backup copy of all notes and saves it to a file. This file can be saved anywhere, so the app must get the permission for even listing possible target folder. Please remember that the permission can be revoked at any moment by going into the app's settings. Also, the app will ask for the permission when needed. If you have any additional questions, just contact me by email: [email protected] . Thank you. Arek

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Dafydd Thomas on 2020-01-28
Excellent Application does what it says on the tin - allowing me to write notes and reminders as I use my phone from day to day. Good reliability, excellent and easy to use when writing notes and very good user support from the author when you have an issue. Also APP is free and no ads, annoying popups. Google should get the author of this APP on their APP building programme - excellent APP does everything you need to do. Only issue I had was with backups and transfer of files between my Old Motorola and my new motorola. I saved to local storage, then transferred file to my PC using WI-FI APP (good) I also transferred the file to my destination mobile using WI-FI APP and also Google Drive. However when I tried to local file on my new mobile (& also original) didn't work with APP of -File Manager' for some reason was navigating in the Zip file when it shouldn't have. Funny with FM App I think somewhere. it worked fine when I picked the file from my Google Drive.
Randy Reed on 2020-01-28
I've been searching for a "notepad" app for years. I used Microsoft notepad on the PC and wanted something similar on my android devices. I didn't like the note taking apps that came with my Asus tablet and most of the apps at the Play store. I just wanted a simple app without a bunch of added "features" that just complicate the purpose. This is it. I just downloaded it and have only created, edited and emailed one note, but it was straightforward and easy. Love it!
david Blaque on 2020-01-28
I was just using notepad and it occurred to me how often i actually use the app. Its that scrap of paper to jot something down. Its a place to write comments or any thing. Its just there for me a lot. I have it on 4 devices. Over all ive had it the longest, use it more consistantly, with zero glitches, issues, inconveniences....its perfect! 5+ stars!
Nath. Osho on 2020-01-28
Just download it. I like the simplicity. I will implore you to add locking of documents with Password or Code that one put in the Notepad to avoid intruders or attackers. Shall comment later after use. Safety of info in it is uppermost. Lets wait and see. With that it will be very good. I will recommend to others.
Denise Bentley on 2020-01-28
Simple easy to use and exactly what I needed. No more sticky notes placed randomly with reminders. I have created categories like To do lists, Travel, TVShows and Movies to see, ongoing projects, Meditation reminders, it goes on and on...amazing for organization. Thank you, D. Holmes
Animal_antics_ 56 on 2020-01-28
Great app, really usefull for writing notes or lists i am not sure wether there is a maximum you can write on one document but i have been using this app to write storys on and have not been stopped yet. I love this app aswell becsuse you can have multiple notes at the same time ❤
David B Fox on 2020-01-28
I like the way that Notepad Free presents my notes. They're all easily accessible and I didn't have to search for a note. I'm the guy who has to write things down so I don't forget Them. For this reason, Notepad Free is Always running in the background.
S Marqus on 2020-01-28
These ads are getting ridiculous, they say they hate ads too, maybe they should try getting them during their phone calls like I do. Skip this app. It was Great before, simple. No need to reply to me, I won't be back.
Kaleb Dodson on 2020-01-28
This app has a good catagorizing system but very little utility. You cannot number list, bullet point, bold, italicize, underline, or checklist, all of which should be possible in the same note
Jerry Read on 2020-01-28
You long as it does its job I've got no complaints and that's what its done up to this point. Great notepad and being able to title notes is a wonderful feature, thanks a lot.

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