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This app was designed to streamline the inspection process, so you have more time for other things. You can do everything from creating the report, printing, and emailing the report from the same app. You can get started right away, with our ready-to-use template. This app is also very easy to customize, and you can save multiple templates and be ready at a moment’s notice. Key Features: - Do your inspection onsite or anywhere with your phone or tablet. - Take photos of the property or import from the camera roll and attach them to the report. - Record issues interactively by drawing on photos or taking notes with Voice to Text. - Select from over 6,000 provided definitions/conditions or customize in your own words and save them for later use. - Create a completed report including: summary page, agreements and standards of practice. - Add your own company name and logo in the report. - Sign your name on the report with your finger or stylus. - Print or share the finished report as a PDF via email or Google Drive. - Inspections are automatically backup to the cloud and always accessible anywhere anytime on any device. - Auto-fill address and display properties on the map with just one click. - Transfer inspections to your colleagues with import and export buttons. Feature for the realtors: - Review inspection reports created by the inspectors and choose which info your clients want to include for negotiation purposes. - Print or share the report as a PDF to your client. Additional Features: - Do inspections in English and print them out in another language of your choice; e.g. Spanish, Hindi, Chinese, French and Arabic. - Get access to our online library and get up-to-date resources at no extra cost, including standards of practices and templates. - Export your inspections to the realtor as a negotiation checklist and let them choose which info should be included for negotiation purposes. - Customize templates on-the-fly while you’re doing the inspection, e.g. define new inspection items and add custom pages to the report. - Save custom templates from inspections and instantly switch between them for faster reporting. Ideal for inspectors who work for multiple companies. - Personalize report graphics with the in-app HTML/CSS editor or download one from our constantly updated online library. For questions or feedback, contact us at [email protected] Note: By using NspectPro, you have read and agreed to the following term of use:

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