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The Papa John's App makes ordering your favorite pizza even easier. You can earn free food, find Papa John's locations near you, get special online offers, and track your order right to your door. FEATURES Earn Free Food Earn Papa Rewards points and redeem your Papa Dough towards any menu item (account login required). Push Notifications Get special offers and notifications delivered to your mobile device. Special Offers Get offers from your neighborhood Papa John’s. Receive and store super deal offers in the app inbox. Faves and Past Orders Save up to four of your favorite orders, and save past orders for 90 days (account login required). Find a PJ Near You Enter your zip code or city to find your local Papa John’s for delivery or carryout. Pay Your Way Choose from cash, credit card or Google Pay. Plan Ahead Use Future Ordering to plan ahead. Order tomorrow’s lunch or this weekend's party spread right now. Choose when you'd like your order to be delivered or ready for pick-up. Papa Track Track your delivery order from dough to door. Get push notifications when your order is on its way. For use at U.S. locations only. Have questions or comments about this app? Contact us at

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Matthew Simmons on 2020-02-20
Tried ordering with a real promo code for over an hour without success. I have used promo codes many times in the past. Upon checkout, a "cannot process" error would appear. Even called the phone number provided for said error but the person from outside the United States couldn't understand the problem. She said "you cannot use promo codes in the app". After hanging up on her I had to delete the app and order from a pc. Very angry with my experience
Jason Nash on 2020-02-20
They got rid of the large one topping pizza. It was really the only time it was worth it to go to Papa Johns. Theyve essentially stopped with sending offers for using the app as well, making it worthless. Also the old system of rewards was way better. They really need to hire the actual Papa John back as the franchise in general was miles better.
Ab Cd on 2020-02-20
OK app overall. You don't have to spend a minimum amount to earn rewards, but deals for more than one item don't clarify (from the specials screen) whether or not the special price includes all items or if it's the price of each item individually and will therefore cost double+ the number advertised as the "special price."
Stephen Doherty on 2020-02-20
The android app needs a "home" or "menu" button on the cart page. That way you can just bounce between cart and menu like a cakewalk and order more stuff. Navigation with the android OS back button is decent but not super fluid UX.
Zaldrizo on 2020-02-20
I know you don't wanna hear this but y'all really need to invest in tracker/GPS tech. Its 2020 and Dominos has had it for years now. Now if this was soley about pizza ***** But app wise y'all still are behind on the times.
Ginger H on 2020-02-20
It is great, except you can only leave your driver details. You can save your favorites and re-order them, but you can not leave a message for anyone is something was messed up on your prior order.
Daniel Hawker on 2020-02-20
It's getting better used to not work at all for me anyway that always have to call in to get help from a live operator didn't have to do it this time but it still did not take the promo code
A Google User on 2020-02-20
If you order a special and do any tipping on just half it consistently overcharges you, up to $10 or more and they have known about this issue and not fixed it. DISHONEST behavior!
Andre Chatman on 2020-02-20
As I put my correct credit card number in this f**king app its telling me the expiration date is incorrect. The expiration date I entered was correct the app needs to be fixed.
Agood Witch on 2020-02-20
App is much improved, allowing you to make special changes to items and retains the same information as the site. Makes ordering and tracking the delivery easy.

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