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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



You’re the island god! What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful? Play Pocket God™ and discover the answer within yourself. Pocket God is an episodic microgame for you to explore, show your friends and have fun with. It contains multiple locations with many hilarious scenarios, exciting mini-games and hidden secrets for you to uncover. For information on supported devices, please visit

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skimpywebster on 2020-05-25
Great game. Play it on both my iPhone and my Fortune 2. I love playing them on both, however it is a bit annoying on Android with the distracting theme loops and the lack of Apocolaypse Island. Still love it.
Jordan Heikkinen on 2020-05-25
i really like this game but i dont see a problem why you guys arent updating this im getting board please update so i dont uninstall and so i can rate this game 5 stars. Wow the worst developers ever
It sucks
Captain_Nick on 2020-05-25
Update the fricken game that's all we ask for.stop favoring the iOS devices and get us updated.I mean how hard could it be to give us one update:-(
Tushar Ajinkya on 2020-05-25
The developer needs to update the game so it is compatable with the newest version of Android
Alexa Thompson on 2020-05-25
Game doesn't launch on latest Android version
Karel Reina on 2020-05-25
Update it, unplayable as is
fairkhan gaming on 2020-05-25
It's a real fun game
Michael New on 2020-05-25
The memory's

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