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Retrowave wallpapers pro app is the only place which you will find a largest collection with high quality of Aesthetic Retrowave & Synthwave wallpapers , we focus on collect a thousand of vaporwave & retrowave with high-quality HD wallpapers, every image has been handpicked by me so only the best of synthwave & webpunk ,vaporwave wallpapers make the app. and also you can listen to the vaporwave & retrowave music while you navigate between categories , retrowave wallpaper app is the only app which is include inside it online radio (Retrowave Online radio station) works 24h/7d with aesthetic and vaporwave music which is playing in background so you can use the app like a radio if you want, Retrowave wallpapers app provide also the retrowave live wallpapers so you can customize you phone with retrowave live wallpapers and enjoy with screen animation we don't forget the GIFs , retrowave wallpapers app provide as well, a special category named gifs animation you can find a lot of animation gif you can set it as live wallpaper or save it into your gallery as well. Feautures : - Retrowave and Synthwave text generator - largest collection with high quality of retrowave & vaporwave wallpapers. - Beautiful design with black color to make your eyes more comfortable - Guaranteed relaxation (With online retrowave radio). - More than 1000 wallpapers of retrowave ,synthwave & vaporwave - You can Download any retrowave wallpapers you want. - Share any retrowave wallpapers with your friends on all social media . - Set any retrowave wallpaper you want with two different mode : 1 - Normally : this option make set your favorite background as home screen or lockscreen using your gallery app. 2 - Parallax Effect : Our app let you set your wallpaper with parallax effect so you can tilt your phone in all direction to see magic. - Retrowave text generator - Save any Gifs you want to your device. - Set any Gif you want as live wallpaper. - Big collection of retrowave live wallpapers - Share any Gifs you want with your friends on all social media applications. - Convert your text to aesthetic text easily and quickly - With online radio you can listen to the vaporwave genre music 24h/7d Categories : RECENT : in this category you can find all retrowave ,synthwave & aesthetic vaporwave wallpapers with 2 buttons (Up button) to let you moving up and (Random button) for generate a random wallpapers. GIFs ANIMATION : this category provide a largest collection of retrowave gifs animation and all 80's gif comes with two buttons (Up & Random) LIVE WALLPAPERS : live wallpapers category contains a big collection of retrowave live wallpapers swip left or right and select what you love FAVORITE : save any gif ,wallpapers or live wallpapers you want to see them later RADIOWAVE : if you love any music playing in the app you can find the name of artist in this category RETROWAVE TEXT : you can make your own retrowave synthwave text ,select background,select text stylish and entre your text to see your text turn to retrowave text AUTOMATICALLY WALLPAPERS CHANGER : you can change your wallpaper automatically with (Duration,Random wallpapers,Double tap to skip to next wallpaper and more features).

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