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Ritual lets you skip the line and enjoy rewards at the best coffee shops and restaurants in your city. You can save time and enjoy the most popular food and drinks in your area - burgers, salads, sushi, pizza, and more. You’ll collect points on every single order, which add up quickly and convert into Ritual $ that you can spend on coffee and food anywhere in our network. With Ritual, ordering and picking up your takeout order is effortless, and the best part is - there are never any added fees. Find your cravings via our intuitive search or browse the menus of restaurants near you to order coffee, lunch, and dinner right from your phone. We’ll let you know when to leave for pick-up, so you never wait in line. Your food and drinks are made fresh and ready when you arrive, so you can be in-and-out in seconds. Ritual makes it super easy to pay with either your personal or company credit card. Businesses can also conveniently subsidize coffees, lunches, dinners, or treats for their employees through Ritual. Google Pay: Easily check out using a credit or debit card stored in your Google account. Note: Ritual will only use GPS when you have an active order, so you can get your food and preserve battery life.

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Bandari Chik on 2020-02-24
App is good but the promo/vouchers are missrepresented. They state that you will get discount if you spend $10, it does not state $10 before tax, however, when mine failed to apply discount on $10.50 their support stated its $10 before tax.... who pays for their food before tax!!?? Even the food store was shocked by this when i told them what Ritual support had said. It has now failed to apply discount on my second order, and the support have not given me an answer/resolution since yesterday
Michelle Wentland on 2020-02-24
I love the variety included on Ritual... lots of different tastes included for whatever you crave at the moment. Also like the ability to ask your team if you can pick something up for them. While some of the restaurants could improve their ordering system to be a bit more customizable, it is still a very convenient way to get food when you want it...
Ahsan Syed on 2020-02-24
Installed it because skipthedishes and Uber eats wasn't working for me as I was trying to deliver food. The app worked smoothly and was able to place order only to find out it's ONLY PICK UP!!! What a waste of time. Ended up deleting it right away and cancelling order because the whole point was to get food delivered....
Robert Crowe on 2020-02-24
Great app that helps make mobile ordering easier. Only allows for pickup, but there are enough places around me that I don't mind and even prefer to pick up. The app gets its name from the fact that if you make certain rituals out of ordering from restaurants, you get further discounts and perks.
Nathan McMahon on 2020-02-24
Great experience so far. With other order ahead apps I tend to find you still end up waiting, sometimes longer, than if you just ordered normally. Haven't had an issue so far and my order has always been ready by the time I get there to pick it up. Have only used one restaurant so far though.
Jochem den boer on 2020-02-24
Great app that saves a lot of time. But why do I always have to rate my experience of each pickup twice? One notification and review cycle linked to "Order in progress" and another notification with review cycle linked to the "Order completed" A bit annoying. For the rest a great app!
Natalie Szub on 2020-02-24
I've been using Ritual for a few months now and it's addictive because I get daily cravings in the middle of the day. Great way to see menu items before getting to the restaurant/cafe and also nice way to find new favourites in the area. Quick and easy pickups, always.
Angela Lee on 2020-02-24
I love using the Ritual app. You can discreetly place orders. I love getting the reward points and being able to get money off of an order or get your order free of charge. Avoiding the lines for ordering food and pick up is great!
Steve Stetak on 2020-02-24
I hate apps that have useless and annoying alerts. Now I have to disable alerts from this app, even though I would actually like to get alerts when (AND ONLY WHEN) I am actually using the app to order something.
WORK on 2020-02-24
Simple to use and my coffee always waiting for me to collect. Great use of GPS technology. Would be great if you could suppress suggestions and just have a simple front screen to repeat daily orders.

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