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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



RustControl is an RCON administration app for Rust, a game by Facepunch Studios. It allows you to administrate your server from your smartphone. A note on the in-app purchases: First of all: buying the app unlocks all functionality! However, in the near future you will be able to access an additional service called RustBot from the app. RustBot is a 24/7 hosted Rust RCON bot. You can schedule commands with it or respond to certain messages in the console/chat. Because this is hosted on a server it will cost a certain monthly fee. Everything you can do manually is and always will be included in the base price! RustControl supports oxide and multiple plugins, check below to see which ones. Features Basic - Supports the default WebRCON protocol - Save an unlimited amount of Rust servers - Import and export RCON profiles - Get insights in your server's performance and general status - View graphs of your server's FPS, network traffic and memory usage Players - Kick, Ban and Unban players - Teleport players to other players - Get in-depth information like IP address, time connected and Steam profile - View the country of a player - Sort players by name, ping or time connected - Give multiple items at once, either to a player or to everyone. - Save custom item lists to quickly give people kits Chat - Chat with the players on your server - View chat history, so you can jump in a conversation - BetterChat support Console - Console with history - Airdrop, patrol helicopter and more quick commands built in - Save your favourite Rust commands for quick access Server settings - Manage your server's description, title and header image - Manage the size of animal and minicopter populations on your server - Couple more variables and new ones are added on request! Supported plugins RustControl is compatible with the following plugins: - Better Chat (by LaserHydra) - Better Say (by LaserHydra) - Give (by Wulf) - Coloured Names (by PsychoTea) Extra functionality is available when using the following plugins: - Godmode (by Wulf) - BetterChat Mute (by LaserHydra) - Economics (by Wulf) Please note that when a plugin is not listed above it does not mean it will break the app. Also, support for new plugins is added on request. Roadmap - Scheduled commands - Triggered commands - Chat notifications for admin or other keywords - Infinite chat and console history - Teleport players to coördinates - Other things, probably. You can give me suggestions with the feedback button in the app! FAQ Which port should I use to connect to my server? Usually the RCON port is your Rust server port +1 or +10. Ask your host for more information if both don't work. I can't find a certain item in the item-list! After a Rust update, it can take a day or two before new items are added. If the item still isn't in the list, you can contact me using the in-app feedback button. DISCLAIMER: We are not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Facepunch Studios, or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

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