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Dec, 2019


Dec, 2019



The Seek God 2019 app has all the material of the printed booklet — and more! Pray the same great prayers on the go, at work or in your neighborhood. Many people love using the app along with the printed booklet. The app gives you great features (such as reminder alerts, videos, different font sizes, links to social media and search tools) that will help you pray in practical ways. The app follows the same dates, March 6 through April 14, 2019. The app gives you ways to guide your prayers before or beyond the 40 days—any day of the year. Features: • Increase font size for easy reading. • Change easily to “night mode” with white on black letters. • Set reminders at the times and days that you choose. • Mark your favorite prayers to refer to them again. • Search for any word, country, or scripture. • Prayerwalk your neighborhood as you pray from your device. • Find great prayer info about any country from Operation World with internet connection. • Experience the marvelous short videos on each country presented by Prayercast with an internet connection. • Before or after the 40 days, choose any prayer or have one randomly selected for you. Reviews from users: • “I love this app. I always have it with me so it fits into my day to pray when and where was best for me.” • “I was amazed how the videos really got my heart going for people in other countries.” • “We enlarged the font on our tablet screen so the whole family could read the prayers together.” • “Awesome app!!! Loved the country guides – made prayer for other nations exciting.” • “I like that I can mark my favorites and easily go back to them. Prayers are worth praying more than once.” • “Helps you pray for your community with great insight.” The app will display either Spanish or English, depending on which language is selected in the language settings on your device. 1) Go to or search for the "Settings" app. 2) After opening the app, tap on the System option, then tap on the "Languages and Input" option. 3) Then tap "Languages" at the top. This will take you to a list of languages under the title "Language Preferences". The default language should already be available. 4) To add a new language, go to "Add a language". This will take you to a new screen with a list of languages. Select the language you want by tapping on a language from the list. This will take you back to the "Language Preferences" screen with the language you selected added to the list. 5) To the right of each language will be a box of several horizontal lines. These lines are handles. Press and hold the box until the language row is highlighted and then you can drag that language to the top of the list. That's how you make the language you added your number one preference. 6) Tap the back arrow by "Language Preferences" at the top, and the language will update.

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