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This is a Tutorial Of Sketchup Software This is just like e-books , but in a new style This includes: • The Most Common Mistakes For Google SketchUp This Chapter of tutorial describes the most common mistakes that are made in a 3D model using the Google Sketchup program for 3D modeling. It shows what kinds of different mistakes there are, how to find or recognize them and how to fix them. The purpose of the chapter is to improve the quality of your models by showing what affects that quality. It should give you an idea about your own level of modeling and provides a manual to judge the quality of other people's models. This chapter not only looks at geometry mistakes but also mistakes that affect the efficiency, file size and cleanness of a model. • How Simmetry 3d integrates with SketchUp. This Chapter shows you how Simmetry 3d integrates with SketchUp. In this part you will learn: o How to import a SketchUp design o How to import a foam core contour model and convert it to 3d terrain o How to export a terrain mesh to SketchUp • Importing CAD files in SketchUp Pro This is a basic tutorial that outlines how you can import CAD files into Google SketchUp Pro, to create working models of your data. It is important to note that the following tutorial can only be carried out in the Pro version of Google SketchUp. • Artlantis for SketchUp Pro Users Artlantis is the perfect software for SketchUp Pro users, allowing them to present their projects using 3D photo realistic renderings. Artlantis enables you to improve and bring realism to your SketchUp Pro models with 3D objects and textures. Texture your models with high-resolution shaders to obtain a very realistic effect, then set your scene with as many light sources as you’d like. These two programs will work for you in a complementary way, helping you to complete even the most ambitious projects, and giving your presentations the look you want.

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