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NOTE: StayLit Wear is not compatible with Samsung smartwatches, only with Android Wear OS watches (Fossil watches, Ticwatch, and others) Do you find your smartwatch's built-in backlight timeout period actually quite short? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could adjust the backlight timeout to have the screen stay on a little longer? (So that not only you, but also your friends can marvel at that new watchface you just installed...) StayLit Wear lets you adjust the time that the light stays on after the watch has been waked. You can select a value for how much time will elapse from the moment that the watch has been waked from dim mode (i.e. by having tapped the screen, moved the watch, or pressed the button) to it being allowed to revert to dim mode again. Choose from a range of values of up to 5 minutes, or until you switch the screen off again. NEW: “indefinitely+” mode: the light stays on until you switch it off, but is also switched off when you lower your arm or turn the watch away from you. That way, the light will be on exactly when you need it. (Note that also in this mode, StayLit respects the individual light timeout of apps like Google Fit, Maps, or Runtastic.) USAGE: In order to adjust the backlight timeout, open the StayLit Wear app on your watch. This will bring up the Longer Backlight settings. Select a setting in the list by tapping on it. Deactivate StayLit Wear by selecting "off“ in this list. (NOTE: If StayLit doesn't work on your Fossil watch, go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > System app info > Fossil Smart Battery Modes and disable this app. Then restart your watch.) INSTALLATION TROUBLESHOOTING: If you have installed the app from your phone, but are not finding the StayLit Wear app on your watch: Please open the Play Store on the watch, do a search for "StayLit Wear", and install it directly from there. (Please make sure you do not install an app named "StayLit Longer") NOTE: Setting a significantly longer screen timeout will reduce battery life. We recommend setting a value of 10 - 30 seconds...

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