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Feb, 2020


Feb, 2020



Have you ever wanted to see a huge and imposing truck in awe-inspiring crashes? Stunt Truck Jumping has you covered! In the game you will: - Control a truck on a steep slope - Make huge jumps - Crash and cause destruction - Get upgrades that will make you better and better Stunt Truck Jumping is a jaw-dropping game of constant thrills! If you like cars, excitement and fun you will surely find something to like here.

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Dave Cubit on 2020-03-30
The ratio of gameplay to ads is very poor. You run the vehicle for 10 seconds on average, then are forced to watch a 30 second ad after each round. I'm speaking for myself, but I have better things to do than to watch ads all day. You get two stars from me because although the game is cool, I can't play it without the headache.
Todd Lafleur on 2020-03-30
Ridiculous amount of ads every jump you get an option to increase your reward, if you choose not to, it still shows an ad, and you can't speed it up. Fun game,, if you don't mind a 30 second ad for every 10 seconds of play time. uninstalled
Shawn Gauthier on 2020-03-30
Try to use multiplier at end of run and it says no video and when I continue with basic payout, a video pops up. I hate being screwed over, I don't recommend this game
Jason Tripp on 2020-03-30
This one is worse than the first one you guys did! Four trucks? Limited tracks which I beat before the second truck was even unlocked. Major boring. Try again boombit!
Anna Nielson on 2020-03-30
I like the two upgraded the game it was really good because I was struggling on that level it was level two I like your game thank you
thomas mathew on 2020-03-30
Surprisingly a good game. The best advantage i found exciting is the upgrades of each level apply to all the vehicles.
D on 2020-03-30
Fun for about 2 minutes then becomes very boring. Then to top it off there are only 7 levels. Not worth the download.
Paul Williams on 2020-03-30
Cracking just calm down with the ads be nice to just play the game a little starting get annoying all the ads now
Chadd Myers on 2020-03-30
Needs to be Less ads and Less waiting time for new vehicles other than that it's an awesome game to play
red raider 82 on 2020-03-30
It's really fun to watch the truck crash and fly everywhere. I really recomend you to play this game

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