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Jan, 2020


Jan, 2020



TSheets time tracker for work is a cloud-based time tracking and scheduling app for employees that allows them to clock in and out from their smartphones. With TSheets as the work clock, employees can easily track work hours, create a work log and even track PTO. ONLINE TIMESHEETS ⏲️ Accurate, electronic time data replaces paper timesheets and makes payroll and invoicing faster and more affordable with Tsheets time tracking app. TSheets also accurately tracks time and GPS locations. So, why track work hours manually? Install this time clock app and manage time with the best time tracking software. SOPHISTICATED TIME RECORDING ⏲️ Mobile app time tracking for employees on the move: clock in and out to track work hours, change job codes, edit digital timesheets, view time tracking reports and, changes to the work schedule and even track PTO. Time recording is easy with this time tracker app. • Track time against multi-level job codes, projects, locations, clients, and more. • Track employee hours accurately with a real-time online time clock. • Easily switch between job codes, pause time tracking, or take a break. MANAGE TIME ⏲️ The TSheets time tracker makes time management a breeze for employers. Save, on average, 6% on gross payroll costs and save three hours per week managing employee time. TRACK TIME: • Edit, delete, or approve timesheets online to create a time log. • Track vacation time, sick time, and holiday time accruals for employees. REPORT TIME: • View time tracker timer history with map. • Easily access a breakdown of employee hours by employee, job, customer, or location. • Get notifications if employees don’t clock in to a job or shift as scheduled or approach overtime limits. • See day and week totals at a glance. • Keep a black-box history of all timesheet edits and deletions, in case of an audit. SCHEDULE ANYWHERE ⏲️ With a “Who’s Working” feature, it’s easy to see where your employees are located and who’s working on what in real time. The TSheets time tracker also features in-app employee scheduling that allows employers to drag and drop shifts, assign jobs, and send alerts to managers if employees haven’t clocked in as scheduled. • SCHEDULE BUILDER: Schedule by job or by shift. • In-app work scheduling lets employees easily clock in and clock out of assigned jobs or shifts right from the schedule. • Notifications let employees know when a new work schedule is published or if a shift is changed. SIGN UP ⏲️ This time tracking and scheduling app requires a TSheets account. Sign up now on the app or at for a free trial with no credit card required. (Or if you have just 1 user, sign up for a free account!) ALSO INCLUDED ⏲️ • Seamless integrations with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks for PC (Pro, Premier, and Enterprise) • QuickBooks, Square, and Gusto integrations (and more!) to simplify your back office processes. • Sync your schedule with Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, or Google Calendar. • Integrations with popular payroll, accounting, invoicing software. • Powerful, real-time reports in multiple formats (PDF, CSV, online, HTML). • Safe data storage and detailed time logs protect you in the event of a labor dispute or audit. • Configurations for DCAA/DOL compliance. • Developer-open API. SUPPORT, CUSTOMER RATED ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ TSheets offers free unlimited phone, email, and chat support to all of our customers. Have a question? We’re always happy to help! Customer Reviews: Phone: 888.836.2720 DIY Online Support: Email: [email protected] Webinars: Register for TSheets free, weekly webinars at

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my favorite De Casas on 2020-02-20
Tsheets used to be a good App for work but not so long ago it started messing up, when I clock out for lunch It clocks me out for the day, before it used to clock me in when lunch break was over, also now sometimes when I clock in a few minutes later is asking me if I forgot to clocked in and also when I clock out is asking me if I forgot to clocked out. My supervisor is constantly getting on my case. Sinserly PLEASE FIX THE PROBLEM !!!
Hal Hudgins on 2020-02-20
App works great and it is easy to find which jobs you are clocking into, as it lists jobs in proximity. However the app requires permission to location at all times. I tried setting the permission for only when app is in use and it clocked me out. If I am not clocked in, this app and my employer should not have access to my location. Four to Five Stars if this is changed. Until it is changed this is a huge invasion of my privacy.
Dublin Stroud on 2020-02-20
Missing a lot of functionality and logs me out constantly. I wish it gave me the same administrator capabilities as the website edition. Aka letting me edit employees time when they forget to clock out. Or remind employees to clock out once they get a certain distance from their job site.
Allan Stott on 2020-02-20
"All the time" location access is NOT necessary for on the clock location tracking. No I do NOT want to send you my location when I am not using the app for your ad data. Employees should NOT be roped into this without consent. SHADY
Julie Carlascio on 2020-02-20
Most things are good and easy to use. I think notes have been lost. The ability to review notes that have been submitted would be great. That goes for past as well as the current note.
A Google user on 2020-02-20
All this is used for is a tracking device so the office knows where you are and what time you start and finish work absolutely hate it worst app ever and hope it all breaks down
Yardboy 3000 on 2020-02-20
This is a very good at. Keep on track of my time days. I work in my work schedule. And it covers my route so that they can see. Where I'm going? And I am doing my job.
Hip Faucett on 2020-02-20
This app is for the 1 % , not the working man. Everyone hates it and those behind it. You should be ashamed of yourself and how dare you. Good job on the software!
Ron Br on 2020-02-20
Highly unpleasant have to have phone on the charger all day so the app doesn't kill my phone and by consequence clock me out to have lost hrs and lost pay
Tiffany Jones on 2020-02-20
TSheets is a very efficient way to track my daily hours. I'm able to edit, as well as add notes for detail as well as pics for record! I love it.

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