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Music set to Tabata Intervals. The ONLY TOOL you’ll need for TABATA. Let the Music Be Your Coach. TABATA SONGS. With over 2 MILLION cross-platform streams per month, TABATA SONGS has become a household name in the fitness industry, offering Tabata Workout Music to athletes and trainers around the world. Created by musicians, Tabata Songs offers music specifically for the 4 minute Tabata Workout Protocol (20 seconds Work, 10 seconds Rest, x8 rounds). Each song coaches the listener through the workout, telling the listener when to GO and when to STOP. This app provides full-access to the ever-expanding Tabata Songs music catalogue. Each in-app song is synced to a visual tabata workout timer to keep you on track. SIMPLE TO USE. WHAT YOU GET: TABATA SONGS MUSIC PLAYER + 9 Songs with initial purchase +Access to preview and unlock all 43 songsTABATA MUSIC PLAYER (synced to visual timer) + Preview/Choose your Tabata Song +Play, Pause, Skip Back, Skip Forward +Unlock entire Tabata Songs catalogue VISUAL TABATA TIMER (synced to in-app music) +Displays time left in entire workout +Displays time left in current interval +Green= GO +Red = STOP Rather than looking at a clock or turning down your music so that you can hear the sound of an interval timer “beep”, consider doing your Tabata workout to a 4-minute song that already has the intervals programed into the music. Feel the music as the audio coach counts you in and out of each interval. MUSIC GENRES Rock, pop, hip hop, dance, electronica, dub, country, orchestral, metal, funk & more...(Something for everybody). WHO IS THE TABATA SONGS APPFOR? -Trained athletes-Personal Fitness Instructors -Group Fitness Instructors -Team coaches-Anybody interested in H.I.I.T. PERFECT FOR: -Home Workouts -Track, Running, Sprint Workouts -CrossFit, Functional Training -Spinning, Cycling-Weightlifting -Group Fitness Setting -And more... WHAT IS TABATA? Tabata Training began in the mid 1990's. Japanese fitness researcher Dr Izumi Tabata created a H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) workout using this very method. Dr Tabata proved the method to draw heavily from both the aerobic and anaerobic systems, unlike most traditional workouts, which tend heavily favor one or the other. The 4 minute Tabata Interval has gained a lot of recognition throughout the CrossFit community, running community, and health clubs across the globe, for its versatility, adaptability, and positive results. The Tabata Interval Method has proven to maximize VO2 max, while also building endurance, burning fat, and retaining muscle. Though the Tabata was not originally designed as a fat loss or weight loss program, it has gained a lot of recent attention as a result of its physical impacts on users. INITIAL DOWNLOAD: -9 songs + preview entire Tabata Songs catalogue. TABATA SONGS PRO (In-App Purchase):-Unlock all 43 songs + new songs as they are added with updates

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