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Apr, 2020


Apr, 2020



Cross the streets without hitting cars and get to the goal.

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Tony Deleon on 2020-05-25
I dont know what the bad reviews are about. Im just past lvl 800 right now. I like the game. Although repetitive and i swear some of the lvls are repeats, but its a nice little casual game to pass the time. I paid for no ads after the first 100 or so lvls. I kinda wish it had achievements. Lost a star because still a little glitchy. Not a big deal but one time i crashed and watched a video to continue where i left off. It respawned me on the edge of an overpass so i fell off and "crashed" again.
box lover on 2020-05-25
This is a great game! It's really simple, and there aren't tooooo many ads. But I finished getting all of the cars about a month ago, and I don't have much motivation to play it anymore. So what if each week there was a crazy expensive, limited edition car you could get? If it was a holiday week it would most likely have something to do with that holiday, that kinda thing. I would be playing it just as much as I was when I first got it if this was part of an update in the far future.
Ghulam Ali on 2020-05-25
Good baby I love the fact is a little while longer and more of my friends house to see the and then you will get a hold you in my room is the first place I was in a while and it will oil in my room is it in Vegas is it that Igor be civil for you if you're going viral and dictation you want to go to with the family room to
La'Kenya Hollis on 2020-05-25
Love it. It helps you practice on your driving even though you're not. It helps you know when you should drive when there is a lot of traffic and when to go and not go. It just so amazing. And lots of fun
Jess Barry on 2020-05-25
Ads always!!! Still a bit of s bug but I did get thoughrouly addicted to the game fix bug and ads. There is also a HUGE lag maybe not the best game I advise roblox or Minecraft.
Bella Yoyr mom on 2020-05-25
All the 5 star reviews are fake. I'm just bored, but to the developers good Job for creating this game. Kinda boring to me but that's just my taste in games .
Jocelyn Phan on 2020-05-25
Boring it was fun at first and then it started getting boring the next day too many adds and is the worst. you get adds like every minute i hate it.
Sephora Hardesty on 2020-05-25
I love it but I had to delete it traffic run is onw of the best games u guys dont listen to aggressive behavior comments
Faze-Prey666 on 2020-05-25
This is a terrible game most of the levels have ads don't download waste of space and also bad graphics and also lag
rubys vlogs on 2020-05-25
this app is so fun but adds between each go but turn on airplane mode and I can sit for hours playing this game

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