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May, 2020


May, 2020



Push your engine’s 🐴horsepower🐴 in the ultimate contest! 💪 In these arenas only one thing counts: is your truck 💪strong enough💪 to pull your opponent over the line? The more you win, the badder your opponents become 😨 Keep pace by maxing out your: 💥 engine 💥 boosts and 💥 bonuses And keep your ⚡winning streak⚡ going! 🐉Beast against beast🐉 - grill to grill - try it out now and see how hard your car can pull! 😆

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Kalla Singh khosa on 2020-06-04
Thanks again for the great service and they are not going to be able to make it to the office and will be in touch when I have the same number of the lady attached is the invoice or something like that and then I have to go get a new phone and it was a good time to talk to me or my wife is not a lot of time to make it in today I'm going back to work on Monday and I will send you the details of your day and how much do you want to go with me to get my car with a friend and then I can get the desk
emma chege on 2020-06-04
I love this ysnsnxhxjxbjxjxndysusnsjnwhwhsndhdns I zns Fsbehemsbxyx.dhhxndndhgsbx dnmsjx fdhehhsbdbdjdhdgsjddhidndheusvefy3 is a choice of the box kind he is and I was just wondering if you missed any of the box kind he is on or not end yet it was a good idea 2058fm665 and I will get to do you remember me of it and I was just 7PM and I didn't 3 3pm has to the best time 6 I know 7eueh2 I know it is a 363 of the box kind he was in but I was told that the devil was in 5 7 so he was worth the
RatBlast N/A on 2020-06-04
Game is not optimized, once you play many levels it just does not get harder. All you need to do is upgrade your engine, no need to even touch the turbo bost in my game. I can even take a non upgraded car and win all the time and still never touch the turbo button.
Rahul Sharma on 2020-06-04
thanks who is this your new phone and the Two you have any questions about the whole time and place in the morning and I don't know what to do
Eminem Jeff on 2020-06-04
Terrible gameplay, forcing you to watch ads in order to get more money to keep up the difficulty of the opponent Not recommended for everyone
Work Free on 2020-06-04
Keeps the boredom to a minimum highly recommended if you're waiting for a doctor's appointment or you're car to be fixed makes time fly by
John cardiff-winchell on 2020-06-04
People always ruin good games with too many ads. I understand the need for ads on a free game. But after 4 matches in a row? Get real.
Jackson Shockley on 2020-06-04
This game is good but i cant move when i try to press down to go forward he dosent move fix this and u gotta 5 star if not u gotta 2.
Dominik Kallstrom on 2020-06-04
Its a fun game but to much adds every 2 games it wants you to watch a add it would be a 5 star if not alot of adds plz make less adds
Hunt trap Trap on 2020-06-04
Constant adds to get coins if they play at all. Game crashes constantly. When it does work it's a good way to kill time.

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