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HD 50+ Visiting Card and business templates and 100+ hd logos and shapes for making your hd business card or digital Visiting card. Make Unique and Professional Business cards with logos for your business with amazingly simple Visiting Card Maker with digital logos App. Create Amazing Visiting Card logos for your Company in minutes with Logo Maker and Visiting Card Maker app. So be an artist or graphic Designer for your own company and generate amazing Logo designs and hd visiting card for different categories in just minutes. Don't waste your time and money to Professional Designer and create hundreds of business cards with rich logo and shapes categories given in Visiting Card Maker app. If you are Entrepreneur then Visiting Card Maker app is best and free choice for you. Create or generate stunning and original logos and digital Business cards from scratch with Visiting Card Maker app. Visiting Card Maker has Logos and shapes for Promotional posters, advertisement, cover photos, stylish flexes, Sale offers and lot of other stuff for your shop, company, office, social sites, restaurant, Hotels etc. Share your stylish visiting cards with your friends and family via Social media facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, Gmail etc. Write Stylish Text on logos, business card or Stylish name of your company with professionally collected stylish text font styles and apply your favorite color by using lovely color picker in Visiting Card Maker app. Make your business logo a brand in few seconds with Logo Maker and Visiting Card Maker app. Visiting Card Maker app has amazing collection of following HD logos: 1-Art Logos 2-Real state, buildings and house templates 3-Entertainment logos 4-IT business logo icons 5-Health and Environment logos 6-Education and study related logos, 7-Medical and Pharmacy related logos 8-Fashion logos 9-Nature logos 10- Food, Fruits and Vegetables logo Visiting Card Maker has amazing collection of shapes and stylish text font styles to make your company name Perfectly stylish. Happy Islamic Holy days like shab e meraj or shabemeraj, shab e barat or shabebarat and lailatul Qadr and Ramadan and eid. Note: We clearly mention that we create a few demo logos and business card templates for users facility to how create logo by using Logo Maker app. These business cards and logos are not created to mimic known Registered branding. So if anyone find any similarity of our app logo and business card template with his/her company's logo and visiting card templates, please contact us via [email protected] email address.

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