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Get live local weather forecasts and storm alerts directly on your home screen with the Weather Home – Live Radar Alerts & Widgets launcher application. Accurate weather forecasts, real-time alerts and severe weather warnings are available on- demand. Get today’s weather forecast, spring updates and more! Weather alerts from Weather Home are superior in their accuracy. Come wind, sun, or rain, you can stay one step ahead with Weather Home’s weather radar. Be prepared for the daily forecast or sudden changes in weather with live alerts and accurate weather forecasts. Daily weather snapshots provides weather updates and severe weather alerts. Accurate weather forecasts - 5 reasons why you’ll love using Weather Home: ⛅ Accurate hyper local weather forecasts whenever and wherever you need them - Weather Home’s accurate local forecast won’t let you down. ⛅ Severe weather warnings that keep you safe - Be prepared for any severe weather event on the horizon with real-time weather warnings and storm alerts. ⛅Today’s temperature in detail - Heat index tells you the difference between how the weather looks and how it actually feels. ⛅ Weather updates wherever you are - Get local forecasts when you’re at home or worldwide weather updates when you’re away. ⛅Live weather 24/7 - Check up to 15 days in advance or check out our weather radar for accurate weather forecasts every minute! Local forecasts, today’s temperature and more! Live weather stats give you real-time weather updates. From storm alerts, severe weather warnings, and humidity reports - all the weather warnings you need are right there in the app. Go beyond weather with additional features: the Weather Home launcher includes themes, news, popular videos, a -1 screen with detailed weather reports, all conveniently added to your home screen for quick access. The daily forecast, severe weather warnings, storm alerts and more! Features that will help the Weather Home app work for you: • Local forecasts that you can personalize, depending on where you are in the world. Don’t get caught in the wind or rain! • Today's weather forecast and beyond. Look up to a week ahead to ensure that you’re prepared for any spring weather alerts with Weather Home’s weather radar technology. • Live weather, in real time! Get the most up to date weather alerts. • Weather forecasting is brought to life with trending videos from Weather Home’s news team. • Daily forecast updates filtered according to your preferences. Hide any weather alerts that aren’t appropriate for you. Weather updates you can rely on. Weather Home’s weather tracker makes it easy to plan a weekend outdoors without battling the wind or rain. With Weather Home’s accuracy for local forecasts, you’ll never miss a memorable moment. Wherever you are or wherever you’re going, get reliable weather forecasting with Weather Home - your personal weather radar. Today’s weather forecast is in the palm of your hand. Weather Home helps you prepare for today’s temperature with its state of art weather tracker technology. Get ready for wind and rain with the most accurate source of weather forecast. Download Weather Home today for free and enjoy all of it’s home screen features as well for free! ⛅ Severe Weather updates: see all the local weather updates in one convenient place. Weather Home will help you plan your day to avoid weather events. This free weather app will keep you ahead of the storm! ⛅ Custom Search Bar: Weather Home’s search bar allows you to choose the search engine you prefer the most. With customizations for the size, look, feel and color of the bar you can always match it to your favorite wallpaper!

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Larry Moore on 2020-05-25
There is absolutely no excuse for an app to take over a phone's UI. The description markets this as a free weather app, nothing more. No where does it mention that it will reconfigure your apps, display, home screens, etc. Performing a factory reset of my device due to who knows what these evil developers tried to do or install on my phone.
Jenn VanE on 2020-05-25
I liked the format of the weather portion but deleted it because it kept wanting control of the device themes. When I accidentally clicked to allow it (after a few times of it asking for control), I couldn't figure out how to change it back. That hassle isn't worth the weather function when there are a ton of weather apps out there.
Susan Stocker on 2020-05-25
Awesome app for local weather updates, alerts, and warnings especially during the summertime, hurricane season which is a very active weather wise. Oh and it certainly does give you time to get ready to move to a safer place when you get a warning so this is a highly recommed app for all.
Karen Allbright on 2020-05-25
App rearranges your whole phone, then you can't delete it from home screen or apps list like other apps for some reason... was able to delete it from Google play store and phone went back to way it was before... NO thank you... I needed a weather app, not a home screen rearrangement aid
Dayla Cox on 2020-05-25
The weather part was GREAT. All the changes it made to my phone and the creepiness of taking over my phone settings was intrusive and disturbing. I was worried my passwords and account info had been stolen. BEWARE. It is difficult to uninstall and very intrusive.
Jeanette Bliss on 2020-05-25
MALWARE! Will hijack your phone & mess up the arrangement of your app icons, and disables the uninstall function from settings. To uninstall it go in Google Play Store, find WeatherHome and uninstall from there. Thankfully your icons then go back to normal.
CK Morrill on 2020-05-25
DON'T INSTALL!! This app immediately took over my phone and changed the entire layout of my phone/home screen! It wouldn't let me uninstall it until I came back to the app store. Really creepy and overreaching!
Carolyn Cohen on 2020-05-25
I did not realize it literally wants to be your home app. It would not stop asking and giving notifications to be my home page. I have a Samsung and I like my homepage the way it is. I had to uninstall.
Saul Abrego on 2020-05-25
I like the fact that that's the first thing that appears on my phone in the morning so I know how the weather's going to be throughout the day and that really helps
Melissa B on 2020-05-25
Crappy app. downloads lots of other apps that are useless and totally changes home screen while installing other apps. DANGER. DO NOT INSTALL! Trojan horse app!

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