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Yoti is your ID on your phone. It's the digital identity app that lets you encrypt your ID and prove who you are online and in person. Create your Yoti by adding an ID document that we encrypt into unreadable data. We accept passports, driving licences and national ID cards from 185+ countries. Join over 6 million people who have already downloaded the Yoti app. Yoti is now accepted at 12,000 convenience stores in England and Wales. One Yoti, many uses Use the Yoti app to: - Privately prove your age in convenience stores and online. - Prove who you are to businesses. - Log in to websites without passwords. - Verify people you meet online are who they say they are. Privacy by design We do things differently to other technology companies: - You, and only you, can access your data. - We will never track how you use Yoti or sell your data. - We encourage businesses to only ask for the details they need, so you can feel safe sharing less data. Your details are safe Your details you add to the app are encrypted into unreadable data that can only be unlocked by your Yoti. The private key to your data is stored safely on your phone until you're ready to use it. No one else has access to it but you. We cannot mine and sell your data to third parties, or share any details without your approval. Creating your Yoti is easy 1. Take a photo of yourself 2. Add your ID document 3. We check your ID document and match it to the photo you took 4. Your details are encrypted into unreadable data so only you can access them The Untoutable Tour We’ve partnered with native to bring you the nationwide tour featuring drum and bass duo Sigma. Use the Yoti app to register and purchase your tickets. At the event, all you need is your phone to show your ticket and your ID – all using your Yoti app. Go to the Discover tab in the app to find out more. Yoti Password Manager You can also use the Yoti app with our free Password Manager. Yoti Password Manager is the simple, secure way of managing your logins without a master password. Go to on your computer and download Yoti Password Manager for Chrome or Firefox.

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