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Apr, 2022


Apr, 2022



Bitmoji هو صورتك التعبرية الشخصية. • أنشئ صورة تعبيرية مُعبّرة عنك • اختر من مكتبة هائلة من المُلصقات - التي صمّمناها خصّصياً لك • استخدم Bitmoji في Snapchat وفي أي مكان آخر تريد الدردشة فيه استخدام Bitmoji في Snapchat يفتح Friendmoji - حيث تظهر صور Bitmoji الثنائية التي تُميزك أنت وأصدقاءك في أشكال رائعة!

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My Feedback
I love to read so so so mux on 2022-05-25
Hey Bitmoji creators, I love this app! I use it everyday to match my real life outfit in Bitmoji form. I enjoy this app for outfit inspo. It is so fun to create different outfits and send them to friends. I am obsessed with this app! On some days I will wear a swimsuit (aka bikini) the whole day. I love swimwear and would love more swimming outfits like cuter swimsuit tops and bottoms. If this would be added Bitmoji would be my daily outfit planner Ps: I am loving the new updates and new styles your app is bringing! I even use it for school outfits. My go to school outfit is a cut mini skirt and low neck shirt.
AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️
PotterMojis on 2022-05-25
I love this app but can you please make us able to make multiple Bitmojis because I really want to make other people!!! Then we could select which one we want with our stickers! I love this app if u don’t have it get it nooooowwwww!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Previous emoji
zozytta on 2022-05-25
Please bitemoji give us the option to do the previous avatar.. not the 3D one…

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