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Jun, 2020


Jun, 2020



حمّل تطبيق السفر الحاصل على أعلى تقييم وانضم للآلاف من الأشخاص الذين يحصلون على عروض الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات لرحلاتهم. ابحث عن إقامة لإجازتك أو عطلة نهاية الأسبوع أو رحلة عملك في أي مكان في العالم! ابحث عن الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات • 27 مليون فندق وبيت عطلات وشقة وغيرها من الأماكن المميزة للإقامة • ابحث باستخدام اسم المدينة أو المعلم السياحي أو اسم الفندق بضغطة زر واحدة فقط • تصفية النتائج حسب السعر ونقاط التقييم ووسائل الراحة، وكل الأمور الأخرى المهمة بالنسبة لك • احجز إقامة في اللحظة الأخيرة أو قبل فترة طويلة مقدماً احصل على عرض رائع لرحلتك • عروض يومية تناسب كل ميزانية • إلغاء مجاني على معظم الغرف • تصفح أكثر من 135 مليون تقييم موثوق من الضيوف قم بإدارة حجزك في أي وقت • احصل على تأكيد الحجز بدون طباعة أي أوراق • يمكنك إجراء التغييرات في أي وقت ومن أي مكان • خدمة عملاء متوفرة على مدار الساعة بأكثر من 40 لغة • تواصل مع مضيفك واستعرض مواعيد تسجيل الوصول واكتب تقييماتك الخاصة • لا رسوم على الحجز أو بطاقة الائتمان

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Very bad version update
KarimAEaziz on 2020-07-16
The application is not responding at all with latest version update While using search for example it’s showing me searching for more than 5 minutes and then shows back error (connectivity issue) while my internet connection is working fine And while giving output about search, again to access any of the output taking long time to load items inside with no success at the end. Taking in your consideration iOS latest update and your version should support the same
Business Trip
Ujang Suyono on 2020-07-16
To be honest we enjoyed to stay here, the cleanliness, welcome greeter (Security Staff) while we just arrived n Bfast Buffet. However there was 1 thing ONLY that make us lil bit disappointed. There was a waiter feel lazy to serve us during Bfast time everyday, seems like he feel arrogant . I though its only me who felt that. While I asked to my partner she felt so n even we asked our neighbor room.... Overall we love to stay here EXCEPT this behavior.
Pkoctane on 2020-07-16
It says 24 hours checkin for the booking. When we go for a checkin the hotel says it misinformation that gave us. Now i am stranded with my family in the car. doesn’t even want to cancel our booking. They want to charge us extra for the cancellation even though they misguided us. Never again using this app again. Crooks.
Zero protection!!
Nader Palestine on 2020-07-16
I booked a hotel in Istanbul through, the hotel double-charged my credit card, I contacted to help me get a refund from the hotel when I discovered the double charge but both the hotel (Senator Hotel Taksim) and have shown a very poor way of handling my case and I ended up scammed by them both.
Amazing Hotel and Staff
ninaangel23 on 2020-07-16
The hotel itself has a very nice view. Room was nice and clean. It takes only 10-15 minutes walk going to the beach. Choitram supermarket is just opposite side. When we arrived, the two Filipina in the reception was very accomodating untill we checked out. We will definitely come back
Quite & Gorgeous
AElGendi on 2020-07-16
The service is amazing in Dusit D2 Tecom hotel, Romina will make sure to provide you the best room and excellent service. I always come back to Dusit D2 Tecom hotel because of Romina’s Amazing service. Thanks a million.
Always loading and crashing
abb775 on 2020-07-16
I hate ur app nowdays crashing and keeps loading only and i cant use it!!!!!! I try to unistall it and do it again and again but still the same thing and all this happened after the last update for you
Thank you all
faroukbiz on 2020-07-16
I did not stay with my family but the staff treated me with so kind and respect i was forced to cancel because of COVID situation but planning to book soon all the best and stay all safe
Adnan zia
adnan1279 on 2020-07-16
Hotel and it’s environment is owsum and the price was reasonable . And specially thanks to Mr. Saud deshmukh . Thank you bro for giving me remarkable assistance.
APP problem
blessing leo on 2020-07-16
Your is slowing this days, what’s going on with the app? Until I delete and download again. You need to fix the problem ASAP

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