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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



حمّل تطبيق السفر الحاصل على أعلى تقييم وانضم للآلاف من الأشخاص الذين يحصلون على عروض الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات لرحلاتهم. ابحث عن إقامة لإجازتك أو عطلة نهاية الأسبوع أو رحلة عملك في أي مكان في العالم! ابحث عن الفنادق والشقق وبيوت العطلات • 27 مليون فندق وبيت عطلات وشقة وغيرها من الأماكن المميزة للإقامة • ابحث باستخدام اسم المدينة أو المعلم السياحي أو اسم الفندق بضغطة زر واحدة فقط • تصفية النتائج حسب السعر ونقاط التقييم ووسائل الراحة، وكل الأمور الأخرى المهمة بالنسبة لك • احجز إقامة في اللحظة الأخيرة أو قبل فترة طويلة مقدماً احصل على عرض رائع لرحلتك • عروض يومية تناسب كل ميزانية • إلغاء مجاني على معظم الغرف • تصفح أكثر من 135 مليون تقييم موثوق من الضيوف قم بإدارة حجزك في أي وقت • احصل على تأكيد الحجز بدون طباعة أي أوراق • يمكنك إجراء التغييرات في أي وقت ومن أي مكان • خدمة عملاء متوفرة على مدار الساعة بأكثر من 40 لغة • تواصل مع مضيفك واستعرض مواعيد تسجيل الوصول واكتب تقييماتك الخاصة • لا رسوم على الحجز أو بطاقة الائتمان

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deepak Raghu on 2022-11-26
I WISH IF I CAN GIVE THEM 00000 Rating I had worst experience with them since last 60 days my refund is pending with you every time you people give excuses 60 days in life do you understand what it means never waist your hard earn money guys with them if it comes to refund they take more than 60 days since last 60 days I send them 500+ email but they are giving excuses only. If I did booking directly from the airline I would get refund in maximum 15 days but with them I am waiting since last 60 days please guys I don’t want you people to suffer like me so think before doing any booking from them because if you cancel the booking they will hold your money and you will get only excuses like me this is your hard earn money guys don’t waist it in this type of company. I have confirmation email from the airline that nothing has been charged from airline as I cancelled the booking in few minutes but is telling that they are waiting for refund from airlines since last 60 days can you trust this type of company guys no one can trust them in dream also.
Exceptional Hotel and Service
Sharmeen Adil on 2022-11-26
Special mention of Mr Abdulla and Mr Malik who are managing the hotel. They take care of every small requirement. The service is exceptional. Whatever was asked for was brought to the room in not more than 30seconds. Special mention to Omer who was extremely kind and made sure we had everything we wanted. Very helpful and always making sure we are alright. The hotel is very safe and take care of their guests as family. Mr Abdulla shared the contact details of the hotel so if we required anything when we were out we just had to make a call to them or WhatsApp them. Mr Salchuk, Asma and Najla served us the best breakfast in the hotel with a wide spread. They were very kind and made sure we eat well. Very friendly and very pleasing On the whole the hotel was a great experience. The rooms were very comfortable and clean. The housekeeping was excellent. The service was exceptional. The breakfast was delicious. Located in the main area 5 mins from Hagia Sofia. Definitely recommend (100%) this hotel to all travelers.
Worst service in India
pramodppd on 2022-11-26
I booked through to avoid OYO and past booking experience in India. After booking in booking number 3057264429 what happened is i got email from OYO confirming payment and i paid even though i dont like at all. Then i called the property and the manager told they will not give room for that price and i have to give additional amount. I cancelled booking through and called customer service and requested for refund. They said refund will come in 15 days but till now nothing happened. I email and what i got reply is if it is payment related contact the property. I will never book through 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Over charge
shaaaqie on 2022-11-26
I visit saudi and i book the hotel from The hotel over charge me when i contact they ask me for the supporting documents. I send them all later i goy reply from that the hotel reject my claim but they accept the price which they charge me. In this regards i send the email to that the price is over charged of the amount which is fixed at the time of booking. But they are completely silent. So my advise is whenever you book don’t rely on the price which is given by It might be possible that they will charge you more. So keep the extra budget.
ansari azrum on 2022-11-26
One of the best hotels ive stayed in. Located quite close to cairo festival city (not by walk) but minutes by taxi. The hotel has a petrol pump behind where you can also find day to day amenities ideal for families having kids. One downside of hotel is that the pool is not temperature controlled so the water is usually cold for me not sure how others will find it.
Very satisfied ! A lot of options !
Mr RAJOB on 2022-11-26 is the best hotel booking website, using it for many years, I'm very comfortable with it. My advice & suggestion is to go preferably to Free Cancellation " options while doing a hotel booking, in case plans changed or price drops, You can easily cancel your existing bookings & do another one.
Topmost app for hotel booking
amoghbs on 2022-11-26
Beautiful layout of hotel information, easy to understand, transparent, flexible booking-with cancellations till last date with absolutely no payment, best rates compared to other leading websites, very helpful hotels reviews, overall unparalleled services. The best website.
Best view *
alla12666 on 2022-11-26
One of the best spots in ouwalidia the view was incredible especially on sunset time waaaaw, stuff was welcoming and professional Nadia was flexible and ready to assist and chef made for us special breakfast . Thanks for all , I recommend this hotel ,)
دبي / البرشا
اليريو on 2022-11-26
لدي عتاب عليكم للاسف بعض الفنادق طلبتوا تقيمها وقمت بذالك للاسف الان بعض منها يرفض استأجاري يقولون حادث مسبق انا الحمد لله ليس لديه مشاكل. مع الكل السبب التقيم وهذا وجه نظر الصراحه قررت لا اقيم احد اذا فيها كل فندق راح يمنعني من الاجار
I highly appreciate Rachael assistance to my issue
Mgshamsi on 2022-11-26
Hi there, Am really glad to get such a help from Rachael in AC hotel by Marriott Manchester and for sure will come here every time am in Manchester city because of the kind hospitality and the service from Rachael. Regards

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