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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



فري فاير هي لعبة الرماية والقنص الاكثر إثارة متاحة على الهواتف المحمولة، ففي كل 10 دقائق يتم نقل اللاعب إلى جزيرة مهجورة ليتنافس مع قرابة 49 لاعب آخر ، يبحث الجميع عن طرق للنجاة من الأعداء. بالبداية يختار اللاعب بحرية نقطة البداية وذلك من خلال مظلاتهم للانزال الجوى، ويكون هدفه البقاء فى المنطقة الآمنة قدر المستطاع. قم بقيادة المركبات لإستكشاف اجزاء الخريطة الواسعة، إختبئ في الحفر، إحجب أنظارأعدائك عنك بالإنبطاح تحت الأعشاب، قم بعمل كمين، أُقنص، أبقى على قيد الحياة. هنالك هدف واحد فقط: أن تبقى على قيد الحياة وتلبى نداء الواجب [القناص الناجى فى شكله الأصلى ] ابحث عن الأسلحة، ابقى في المناطق الآمنة، قم بنهب اعدائك وكن آخر الرجال الصامدين. وفي طريقك، قم بالمناورة بإستخدام المظلة وتجنب الضربات الجوية حتى تكون لك الصدارة في التنافس مع غيرك من اللاعبين. طريقة لعب سريعة وخفيفة [10 دقائق، 50 لاعب، وملحمية البقاء على قيد الحياة لها مكافئات مجدية] في غضون 10 دقائق فقط، هل ستذهب الى ما هو ابعد من نداء الواجب وتكون تحت هذه الأضواء الساطعة ؟ [فرقة من 4 لاعبين، مع توفر الدردشة الصوتية داخل اللعبة] أنشئ فرقتك الخاصة بـ 4 لاعبين كحدٍ أقصى، تواصل مع اصدقائك منذ اللحظة الأولى، و قم بقيادتهم إلى النصر لتكونوا آخر الفرق صامدة. [كلاش سكواد] وضع لعبة 4v4 بخطى سريعة مفتوح الآن 24/7! قم بإدارة المال الخاص بك ، اشتري الأسلحة ، واهزم فريق العدو! [رسومات تتصف بالواقعية والسلاسة] أدوات تحكم سهلة الإستخدام ورسومات سلسة، تضمن لك أفضل تجارب اللعب باستخدام هاتفك المحمول. [للتواصل] خدمة العملاء:

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About platform for Nepal
nepalese on 2020-08-05
Sir or madam we also need platform for world cup our country also better players than Indian players our players can also compete with other strong guilds from India we also humans we need platform garena you cannot discriminate nepal since this game has published Nepali people have played this game not because there was low storage because we love this game but you dominate Nepalese people why??? #we need platform #everyone has equal rights if this behaviour last long we Nepalese promise to leave this game we also need justice and platform
araghyav_xd on 2020-08-05
free fire, i am an old player of yours and used to enjoy the game. However a few days ago i purchased a bundle of diamonds and paid money sucessfully, however even after a few weeks i did not get the diamonds. This is my username:AraghyaV_xd. Pls solve the issue or transfer the 999 diamonds in my username which i paid for or else i will report the game and delete it.
Glitch in level up shop
palten(Nepal) on 2020-08-05
In facebook,Gerana page many of free fire players said about their diamond.. they have Spent lost and lots of diamonds and i have spent a lots of diamond..I have bought many thing but I get only elite pass..what about other thing and my diamond that I have spent...Is the server down??Those who have spent their diamond can gave me feedback...
I highly recommend to y’all this game.
Holdmycarrot on 2020-08-05
I’ve been playing free fire for about 2 years now. It’s addicting kind of game and it’s really good itself. As for players who can’t afford to buy stuff here Garena always gives free stuff and it’s good too. Playing free fire just requires a skill for you to play it well, the fastest you are the higher chance of winning.
Nice Game But....
Vasmind on 2020-08-05
It’s nice to play with your friends and talk over voice chat and everything seems fine to me but When you sometimes invite people to your game and when you spawn in the airplane and you see the teammate list they person you invited sometimes is not there and besides that the game is very good
Not working for some reason
meeee ❤️❤️❤️ on 2020-08-05
I tried to open it and it didn’t work, there would be a black screen and then it would just close. So could you plz fix that. I use to play to a lot but now I can’t cuz it doesn’t open and also I tired to delete it and download it agin but no luck. So kindly help
Server issues
kavidu12 on 2020-08-05
This server thing is a real pain cause u can’t change it and mine is stuck on Middle Eastern and it’s all Arabic and I don’t even know how to read Arabic so pls fix it (if any one can help me pls do I want it in English but the game is giving me it in Arabic)
I need help
SkSOp on 2020-08-05
Garena is the best game but since few days my and my brothers Garena is not workin it shows loading loading loading but never works while our YouTube google and all other online stuff is working fine pls fix it!!I’m bored without Garena
Game kicking me out
SlipperyLord on 2020-08-05
I have a report because the game was working in the morning and now suddenly when I am opening it it kicks me out and puts me back in the home screen so please try to find out the problem so we can play and have fun
loco.11 on 2020-08-05
Every time I sing in to the game on my iPhone it says there's an abnormal activities this account has been suspended but I doesn't when I sign in from other devices please fix this issue as fast as possible

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