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Sep, 2020


Sep, 2020



SHEIN App, your ultimate one-stop fashion shopping palace in your pocket.You can easily find cost-effective trendy items with exclusive deals&massive discounts. Join the worldwide community of Over 30,000,000 fashion lovers. Shein sells all women fashion, dress, tops, jumpsuit, plus sizes. We also have men, kids and home categories with great prices. Download our app and access to all the latest trends right now ! تطبيق شي إن، هو أفضل مكان لتسوق الأزياء في مكان واحد تحمله في جيبك. حيث يمكنك الحصول بسهولة على المنتجات العصرية قليلة التكلفة مع عروض حصرية وخصومات هائلة. انضموا إلى أكثر من 30،000،000 من عشاق الموضة في جميع أنحاء العالم. حملوا تطبيقنا لإمكانية الوصول إلى أحدث صيحات الموضة الآن! Key features include: BETTER SHOPPING EXPERIENCE -We offer you 7 x 24 Live chat real-time customer service when you are shopping. -Intimate push notifications on your order status and sale alerts in the first time. -By the way, download our app and register, you will get a 15% OFF coupon for your first order. الميزات الرئيسية تتضمن: أفضل تجربة تسوق -نحن نقدم لكم خدمة عملاء في الوقت الحقيقي 24×7 دردشة حية عند التسوق. -إشعارات فورية عن حالة الطلب وتنبيهات التخفيضات. -حملوا تطبيقنا وسجلوا، سوف تحصلون على قسيمة خصم مجانية 15% للطلبة الأولى. CASH ON DELIVERY Available countries include: Saudi Arabia, India, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain. الدفع عن الإستلام الخدمة متاحة في هذه الدول: المملكة العربية السعودية، والهند، والإمارات العربية المتحدة، والكويت، وعمان، وقطر والبحرين. HUGE SELECTION With tens of thousands of trendy items and over 200+ daily new arrivals. Explore your stylish items with incredibly low prices whenever and wherever. خيارات كثيرة مع عشرات الآلاف من المنتجات العصرية وأكثر من 200 من المنتجات الواصلة حديثاً يومياً. يمكنك استعراض المنتجات الأنيقة والحصول عليها بأسعار منخفضة بشكل لا يصدق في أي وقت وفي أي مكان. SHEIN-ME&OUTFITS SOCIALIZING -You can discover new products and looks here, share your fashion inspiration in your social circle. -Create magic outfits by mixing, post to win up to 1000 SHEIN points. -Follow top-notch bloggers for latest trendy styles. شي إن والأطقم والمنصات الاجتماعية -يمكنكم إكتشاف المنتجات الجديدة، ومشاركة إلهام الموضة في دائرتكم الإجتماعية. -تصميم أطقم سحرية عن طريق تنسيقها، لكسب ما يصل إلى 1000 نقطة شي إن. -متابعة مدوني الموضة من الدرجة الأولى لمواكبة أحدث صيحات الموضة العصرية. PS: - You won’t see our stuff in the mall. You just won’t. - 90% of our customers receive their orders within a week. - Over 5 million purchased customers and 100k fashion bloggers - It doesn’t cost you an arm or leg to dress fun. The average product price is $20. -لن ترون أشياءنا في المراكز التجارية. لن تروها أبداً. -%90 من عملائنا يتلقون طلباتهم في غضون أسبوع. -أكثر من 5 ملايين عميل و100 مدون موضة. -متوسط سعر المنتج 20$. لا يكلفك أي شيء أن تتمتعوا بالأزياء. Follow us: Middle East Instagram: Middle East Youtube: Middle East Facebook: Middle East Twitter: Middle East Website:

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Forced labour
user#2736252 on 2020-10-29
Want to know why their stuff are so cheap? Because their labourers DONT get salaries. What this brand like many others are doing is unethical. There are Uyghurs being forced to work and make clothing amongst other things for SHEIN. Alongside forced labour, they are being treated in inhumane ways. They’re being tortured, held prisoners and forced to do things that are against their beliefs and values. In addition, some countries have been paid by the Chinese government to keep quiet and not protest against their wrongdoings.
i hope u notice on 2020-10-29
It’s the most amazing app ever I’ve been using it for 4 years now and I’m so glad such awesome app exists I always order from them everything they have is affordable and cool and you can’t really find stuff like that anywhere else thank you for existing SHEIN but one slight problem that it takes a while to receive your order which I don’t mind but after all amazing LOVE YOU SHEIN THAN YOU FOR EXISTING ❤️❤️
SHEIN is the best
Misbie on 2020-10-29
I must say anything I purchase online is worth it from SHEIN , you guys have never disappointed me in anyway , from the method of payments to delivery everything has Been really easy and efficient . I would recommend you to the whole world . I really would take this time to thank you for this amazing service and convince to shop online .
ghjjhgfdvjjj on 2020-10-29
Everything about this app is good. The online shopping experience is good. My only concern is the delivery time taken. They take a minimum 8/9 days to deliver an item. And i see that they are increasing prices too.. otherwise overall good.
شي إن
saif saied on 2020-10-29
أرجو اضافة الشهور مثلا 0-3شهور 3-6شهور ليحسن انا الإختيار الصح لا أفهم 66 هذا القياس مناسب أولا تصل كبيرة وكمان بعمر السنة يحسن أ ن تضعو مثلا 1-2سنة 3-4سنة وهكذا ليحسن لنا الإختيار الصح مع الشكر والتقدير لشي إن
My favorite online shopping
Minounes123 on 2020-10-29
I have been using SHEIN now for 2 years and they offer great quality and amazing price. It’s easy to order and also never any issues for returns. The shipping is fast and thru aramex or courrier which I like.
unique and different
hey its not me on 2020-10-29
It had a lot of styles and things that I couldn’t find in other stores and the quality is decent it is also fast but I don’t recommend buying shoes idk I ordered one and they had this awful quality
SHEIN is the best app
Fatoomyv on 2020-10-29
I loved SHEIN bcuz it have nice things and cheap and the quality for the dress are really nice they deserve 5 STARTS! And last but not least I love the packaging.... Thank you
Awesome App
Ssssssabbbbrrriii on 2020-10-29
I have been purchasing clothes from SHEIN for quite a long time & specially there are lots of options for plus size : I’m a great fan of their Plus size collection
best shopping app
dqlue on 2020-10-29
ive been using shein for over 3 years now!! istg its the best i always got to order stuff and its always perfect their clothes and everything i recommend it

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