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Jul, 2020


Jul, 2020



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Not the best
Sabeen Mohamed on 2020-08-14
Look we all know videostar is this “great editing” app. Yeah! Sure is. However, this app contains way to many in app purchases. The users on there have to purchase almost 80% of the things within the app in order to get the full experience. Yeah its pretty annoying. Thats why i think you should reduce the amount of payments and instead replace them with ads. Ads wont be as hard as looking at “You have to pay for this this... that!” Yeah we all know ads are annoying but its a much better alternative than to have most of the app require payments. This is a very good suggestion. Now because of the poor user experience, having to buy almost everything, ill be giving you 2 stars.
I love this app! But..
gho038 on 2020-08-14
Look, I love your app! And I get that you won’t make some stuff free! But I’ll just ask one thing.. can you please make the ‘custom coloring’ that’s on transform for free? Please? You don’t need to make multi layer free. That’s fine I just ask that if you can make ‘custom coloring’ free! Ty!
hello bish on 2020-08-14
Hi I love using videostar but the problem is I started doing key frames and when I try to do the tile sling key frames or anything like that layout effect doesent pop out and I even deleted and downloaded the app thinking it was a problem so can you please help
don’t put ads
Rosie beige on 2020-08-14
i see that someone requested to put ads. please don’t. it really makes editors feel unmotivated since if we do what makes us relax and inspire us. we would be getting these useless 15-40 second ads that make us unmotivated please don’t put that!
mimi_1912 on 2020-08-14
I love video star, but I can’t make that good edits because multilayer needs paid, so I saw a review saying that you watch an add and yuh can get for example the whole day free multilayer if you watch 10 ads, I think it’s a good idea pls add it
UNJOJO10 on 2020-08-14
when i started videostar it was hard but after practice and some tutorials i made the best edits ever and im litteraly addicted to it 24/7 making edits bcz it has the best features you’ll ever think about, totally nothing wrong ♾/10✨
I love it
RaSaAr on 2020-08-14
I absolutely love this app it’s free there are no ads but can u make other transitions and stuff free like I really am doing good on edits but if u make it free might as well get more people on this app so . Pls pls pls pls pls pls .
I’m the one on Instagram that gave you support but.....
shshhehshs on 2020-08-14
It’s amazing but idk how to edit and when people use it they make it good and don’t let anyone hate on this app they don’t know how amazing it is so good I’m going to try my best ly don’t listen to them ❤️
rabs511 on 2020-08-14
Hi I love video star so much I was so happy when I got but there is only one problem I need. Multilayer and my father doesn’t allow at all so can you please make multilayer free I really need :(
l***a q**s on 2020-08-14
Can I subscribe for 1 month only? If I subscribe for one month and unsubscribe on the same day, will I still have the access for a month?

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