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Dec, 2022


Dec, 2022



Air Touch Measure is the best tool to measure length, height, or distance by using the most advanced AR technology from iOS 11 With Anchor mode, this app is the most useful measure toolkit in the market. This measure kit includes 5 Measure Tools: • Ruler Tool: The standard tool to measure size of any objects • Angle Tool: Measure corner and angle values • Marker Tool: Measure distances from your devices to multi-markers • Cube Tool: Help you visualize how big something is • Height Measure: Measure height quickly on every tap ... and 3 measure modes: • Aim Mode: This standard mode uses the camera of your device to set the position, useful for measuring the size of small objects. • Air Mode: Use your device as the anchor to quickly set the position, useful for measuring the distance of a room, or measuring the size of large objects. • Chaining Mode: included in Ruler Tool and Angle Tool, allows you to quickly link multiple rulers together in one measuring session and measure floor area enclosed by a chain — useful for measuring an area of a room. Other features: • Allows fine-tuning • Capture image or recording video to share the results • Display results on AppleWatch For support: [email protected]

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