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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



▲▲▲ Best Alarm Security For Your Phone ▲▲▲ ** Capture Intruders Photo, When Deactivating Alarm ** Simply activate the alarm and catch nosey friends and family red handed! The best part is that when the intruders enters in a wrong password, the intruders photo will be stored. There will be no denying the intrusion! FEATURES: - Now Two Types Of Lock Screen Supported ▲ Passcode Screen ▲ Pattern Screen - App Sound On/Off Feature Added - Capture Intruders Photo - View Intruders Location - View Break In Attempts By Intruder Displayed On Icon - Alarm Rings In Background - 4 Different Security Alarm Sounds - Record And Set Alarm Sound - Security Alarm To Notify You - Secure Pin Code to unlock your Device - App Works In Sleep Mode Use alarm on your iPhone/iPod/iPad when in public or also to catch those sneaky friends and family who trying to peek into your iPhone when you're away. What really happens when you're in the shower, sleeping, or just away from your device. Use this high quality app to trigger an alarm & capture a photo of intruder entering in wrong password.

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