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May, 2021


May, 2021



CONGRATULATIONS, MAYOR! You're now in charge of your very own city! After scoring a landslide victory, it's now your job to make sure that the city is a fun and entertaining place to live. CREATE AND DESIGN YOUR OWN CITY! Build commercial and residential buildings and watch your city grow from a small town to a capital of entertainment! Name your city and customize the way it looks - pick colors and styles, put down parks and roads and give your city a touch of individuality! MAKE YOUR CITIZENS HAPPY Attract tourists with grand casinos, luxury hotels, nightclubs, and many other destinations! The tourist season never stops in this city! Listen to your citizens' needs and give them what they want! EARN REWARDS Get collectibles to upgrade buildings and grow your city! Exchange collectibles with friends and the community! UNLOCK LANDMARKS! Gain access to real-world landmarks to build in your city! WELCOME TO MY CITY!

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