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Jan, 2023



Solve puzzles with logic skills, reveal the secret picture. Nonogram is an addictive brain game that combines logic puzzles with pixel art. Solve picture cross, train your logic. With simple rules and challenging solution, you can reveal the pixel pictures and finish the picture cross. Nonogram is made for all ages and skill levels, you can travel in different thematic scenes and discover tons of picture cross puzzles! This entertaining logic grid puzzle game is also called Picross or Griddlers. It origins from the Japanese crossword game. If you are a fan of logic puzzles, you will feel the challenge and fun. If you are interested in picture cross and pixel art, you will have an immersive experience with endless levels and amazing pixel pictures. What are you waiting for? Take up the challenge and sharpen your brain now! Features: • Free game • Simple rules: use logic to color the grid blocks, reveal hidden pixel picture.. • Endless logic puzzles, from easy to hard, keep updating. • Amazing pixel art: discovering beautiful pixel art illustrations of different themes, including daily objects, plants, characters and cute animals, etc. • Automatically save game progress, no data loss. • Different logic puzzle levels, suitable for children and adults. • Play offline, no need mobile data • Simple and intimate game design, logic puzzle game can also be beautiful. Auto-renewable Subscription Rules   These rules are attachments of User Agreement. If there is any conflict between these Rules and the User Agreement, these Rules shall prevail. If you need to use Nonogram subscription service, you should agree to these rules in advance.   You understand and agree: 1. The subscription is an automatic renewal service under the premise that you agree to use the Nonogram subscription service. If you agree to use the subscription service, you are deemed to authorize DoMobile, when the subscription about to expire, has the right to charge fee of the next billing cycle from your iTunes account (hereinafter referred to as “accounts”) balances. The subscription service is provided on the premise that you have bound with the above accounts, and DoMobile can successfully charge from the accounts. You are responsible for any failed renewal due to insufficient debit balance in the above accounts. 2. Subscription will automatically renew monthly or yearly. You can select the preferred rate. 3. Subscription automatically renews unless it is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. 4. You may suspend or terminate this subscription service by: Open the phone Settings -> iTunes and App Store -> Apple ID, select “View Apple ID”, enter the “Account” page, click “Subscriptions”, select Nonogram and cancel the subscription. 5. Terms of Use: 6. Privacy Policy: Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions. Email: [email protected] Website: Parts of music by syncopika on

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