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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



OBD 2 App – the best program to diagnose your car! OBSERVE THE PARAMETERS OF YOUR CAR IN REAL TIME, READ AND RESET ERRORS: ◆ Read and discard errors. The app includes an extensive database of detailed error transcripts! ◆ The app supports all cars compatible with the OBD2 standard. ◆ Watch all sensors on one screen. BIG DATABASE: ◆ 50,000+ Diagnostic Trouble Codes and Info! ◆ 300+ Dashboars Warning Lights and Symbols! ◆ 300+ Automotive Terms! ◆ Over 150+ Supported PIDs! ◆ Translation all texts into 100+ Languages! ◆ Checks all types of errors in three groups (Confirmed, Pending, Permanent)! DETAIL DTC INFO: ◆ Trouble ◆ Technical notes ◆ Possible causes ◆ When is the code detected? ◆ Possible symptoms ◆ Description trouble OPTIONS AND FEATURES: ◆ Read and clear DTC and your Check Engine Light (MIL) ◆ Real-time dashboard display with customizable gauges ◆ Display battery voltage ◆ Displays vehicle information including VIN ◆ Favorites, Search, Filters ◆ Imperial and Metric Units ◆ Automotive Glossary ◆ Sort and Random Symbols ◆ Home Screen Actions ◆ Copy, Share, Send Text ◆ Translation into 100+ Languages ◆ 36 Colorful Stickers for iMessage ◆ iCloud Settings Sync ◆ Today Widget VIN DECODER: ◆ Get car VIN through OBD-2 ◆ Enter the 17-characters VIN ◆ Scan VIN barcode with Camera ◆ Full Detailed Info about Car ◆ Personal VIN Query History ◆ iCloud Query History Sync ◆ 10 Real VIN Examples ◆ Save and Delete VIN OPTIMIZED FOR: ◆ iOS 9 - iOS 12 ◆ LED Screen iPhone (perfect dark theme) ◆ iPhone X, Xs, Xr, Xs Max ◆ Support Taptic Engine ◆ Pick and Pop (3D Touch) SUPPORT REAL-TIME SENSOR: ◆ Monitor status since DTCs cleared ◆ Freeze Frame Status ◆ Fuel System Status ◆ Calculated Engine Load Value ◆ Engine Coolant Temperature ◆ Short term fuel trim: Bank 1-2 ◆ Long term fuel trim: Bank 1-2 ◆ Fuel Pressure ◆ Intake Manifold Pressure ◆ Engine RPM ◆ Vehicle Speed ◆ Timing Advance ◆ Intake Air Temperature ◆ Mass Air Flow ◆ Throttle Position ◆ Secondary Air Status ◆ Oxygen Sensors Present ◆ Oxygen Voltage: Bank 1-2, Sensor 1-4 ◆ OBD standards to which this vehicle conforms ◆ Oxygen Sensors Present ◆ Run Time Since Engine Start ◆ Distance traveled with malfunction indicator lamp (MIL) on ◆ Fuel Rail Pressure (Manifold Vacuum) ◆ Fuel Rail Pressure (Diesel) ◆ Commanded EGR ◆ EGR Error ◆ Commanded Evaporative Purge ◆ Fuel Level Input ◆ Number of Warm-Ups Since Codes Cleared ◆ Distance Traveled Since Codes Cleared, Cleared Traveled ◆ Evaporative System Vapor Pressure ◆ Barometric Pressure ◆ Equivalence Ratio: O2S1, O2S, O2S3, O2S4, O2S5, O2S6, O2S7, O2S8 ◆ Catalyst Temperature: Bank 1-2, Sensor 1-2 ◆ Monitor status this drive cycle ◆ Control Module Voltage ◆ Absolute Load Value ◆ Command Equivalence Ratio ◆ Relative Throttle Position ◆ Ambient Air Temperature ◆ Absolute Throttle Position B,C,D,E,F ◆ Commanded Throttle Actuator ◆ Time Run With MIL On ◆ Time Since Trouble Codes Cleared ◆ Ethanol Fuel % ◆ Hybrid battery pack remaining life ◆ Engine Oil Temperature ◆ Engine Fuel Rate ◆ Engine Percent Torque Data ◆ and more... PLEASE NOTE: ◆ The list of displayed parameters is different for each car and is 100% dependent not on the app, but on the vehicle control unit. ◆ The current version of the app only supports OBD2 Wi-Fi adapters based on the ELM327 chip. ATTENTION "BAD" ADAPTERS: ◆ Some adapters, often made in China, do not connect to a smartphone or to a car. This mainly happens with the ELM327 CHEAP Adapters version 2.1 ◆ We recommend the purchase of original ELM327 adapters or the purchase of branded adapters not cheaper than $20. ROADMAP (FUTURE FUNCTIONS): ◆ Siri Shortcuts ◆ More Sensors ◆ Bluetooth LE Support ◆ More Car VIN Info ◆ Diagnostics Info ◆ Auto Repair Advice ◆ Native iPad version ◆ Apple Watch version ◆ Costomise Dashboards ◆ Advanced Diagnostics ◆ More Sensors Graphs ◆ Auto Parts Catalog ◆ Accessories Catalog ◆ More Colorful Themes -- SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK: [email protected]

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