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May, 2021



RESTAURANT TOWN HEY GUYS, WHAT’S COOKING? WELL, WHATEVER YOU DECIDE! Restaurant Town needs a new Master Chef to spice things up! Can you take the heat? Cook and prepare dozens of hearty breakfasts, nourishing lunches, luxurious dinners and even sumptuous desserts! Start with crowd pleasers like pizza or grilled cheese and progress to more extravagant foods for delicate palates that only specialised international chefs can prepare! The better your marvellous meals, the happier your customers will be! Invest in your restaurant - refresh your menu often, purchase new appliances, display your edible masterpieces, serve them with panache and decorate the place with hundreds of cool, fancy and fun items. There may be “rest” in “restaurant”, but not for true entrepreneurs and masters of their cooking craft! Participate in interesting and challenging quests, experiment with different foods, keep the place clean and you’ll be the talk of Restaurant Town in no time! Buy wallpapers, windows and doors, tables and chairs, employ better chefs with special skills, add more space to your restaurant and even more floors once you really - as they say - start cooking with gas! Then connect with your friends via Facebook or Game Center, share your accomplishments, send them gifts or write on their walls! MAKE YOUR RESTAURANT THE BEST AROUND!

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