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Oct, 2022



Discover billions of funny WhatsApp animated stickers and create your own stickers (WAsticker). - Explore billions of meme animated stickers and use them in your chats and status - Follow your favorite creators or artists to get new WA stickers instantly - Create animated stickers from your videos with new Auto Cut technology - Easily export your gif stickers to WhatsApp and Telegram (WASticker Apps) - Share your high quality gif emoji packs with friends through sharable links - Build and grow your brand with Here’s how to create sticker pack for WhatsApp. 1. Name your sticker pack. 2. Select photos and cut out stickers from your photos 3. Add captions to give your stickers more character. 4. Export your stickers to WhatsApp and send them to friends. Stay up to date with! - Official website: - Official Facebook page: - Follow us on Instagram: Image segmentation technology by SenseTime. ※ Optional access rights - Photos: Create stickers from photos or videos from your device, or save them to your device.

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