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Nov, 2022


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SYSTEM UTIL Dashboard monitors memory use,network connection status,data use,cpu use,available disk space.With its simple graphs all information is super easy to understand.It also maintains battery charge.Internet speed test feature is at your disposal for accurate speed test of your network. SYSTEM UTIL reaches 1.6 million+ users. Top 1 app in 67 countries including US,March 2013. ►► PRESS & REVIEWS ◀◀ • "System Util Dashboard is an app which is designed to help you better understand how your mobile device is working at any given moment." - By iPhoneLife Magazine • "Elegant looking app that makes monitoring your available space easy" - By AppPicker • "Task Manager on the iPhone" -By TheiPhoneAppReview ►► USERS REVIEW ◀◀ • "I didn't know so many things could be going on inside my phone at any given moment in time.This app shows - and easily explains" - By RCRJr ►► FEATURES ◀◀ ► Battery • Visual display of battery life. • Multiple visual displays detailing battery status and use. • Alarms to indicate charging status complete w/ accurate ‘time-to-charge’ displays. • Full charge notification. • Configurable Full Charge & battery Maintenance alerts. ► Memory • Real time Wired,Active,Inactive,Free memory visual status displays ► CPU • Visual displays of CPU use by system and user. ► Disk • Visual display of disk space status and usage. ► Network • Displays of cellular data network & Wi-Fi network statuses. • Network data send/receive detail. • Internet connection speed test. ► General • Provide various information on device and operating systems.

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