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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Simple but amazingly useful! The Tap Tool does all of the hard work while you tap on the screen of your iOS device. Who is it for? As a health measure, you can use Tap Tool to quickly measure your heart rate or breathing rate. Learning to play a new tune? Ask Tap Tool to tell you the beats per minute of a favourite music track. In a survey you could use Tap Tool to count things/people/events/cars without using a pen or needing to look away. At school, university or in the lab, use Tap Tool to time a swinging pendulum or oscillating spring in a science experiment or ANY periodic event. Simply tap out a heart/pulse rate or tap in time to music or tap as a pendulum swings past and Tap Tool will calculate the following for you automagically... 1) Total number of taps 2) Elapsed time (how long you have been tapping for) 3) Average rate of tapping (the calculated average number of taps per minute) 4) Average time period between each tap on the screen. Download the app, interact with its simple interface and see what YOU can tap to... If there's anything you'd like added to the app, contact us via our website. We hope you enjoy using Tap Tool, and please let us know of the most bizarre thing you have used it for.

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