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TOR Browser Onion Web + VPN is an advanced engineered browser technology designed to route your web traffic via a secure TOR and VPN network. It works by encrypting and then rerouting your data via three random nodes (servers) to protect your data and throw off-trail any hacker or cyber-criminal tracing you. TOR Browser is a free dark web browser app that is designed to bring the infamous web version of TOR Network to your smartphone. It is designed to channel your web traffic via the secure and anonymous TOR Network and VPN so as to ensure that your personal identity stays intact. If you want to add more protection to the TOR Browser, you can make use of the maximum security brought by the global VPN servers that create a shield between your personal data and the cybercriminals. By using the advanced AES-256 encryption protocol, you can rest assured that no cyber criminal will be able to trace, track, or steal your data. You can choose from a list of international VPN servers that offer unlimited bandwidth so you can not only mask your IP address and protect your personal data but also stream the web. Features: TOR Nodes to Encrypt Your Data Combine TOR with VPN for maximum security International VPN Servers with Unlimited Bandwidth Auto Remove Browsing History Save Thousands of Bookmarks Access Dark Web Anonymously Access Deep Web Privately Safely Access Crypto Websites Download Unlimited Songs, Books, and Documents Customize TOR Browser Settings Block Ads Prevent Tracking Connect at a Tap NEVER COMPROMISE YOUR IDENTITY: Whether you are a journalist, social activist, or internet freedom lover, you will agree that preserving your identity is the most important thing when browsing the internet. 99% of the websites are designed to store your IP address and steal your personal data. With the Private TOR Browser’s in-built “Browser”, you can communicate safely and share files anonymously via the dark web and deep web.. ANONYMOUS SHOPPING: There have been many incidents of “Man-in-Middle attacks” in recent years where a hacker would redirect you to a seemingly verified shopping website and then steal your credit card information thus robbing you of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. VPN with TOR Browser protects you against such websites. Even when you are shopping, with Darknet, your sensitive information, identity, and credit card information is protected. EXCLUSIVE STREAMING: The TOR VPN uses the latest proxy to enable you to access exclusive streaming sites without having to worry about losing your identity or personal data. You can download movies, songs, rare books, and almost anything else via the Darknet which is normally inaccessible using the regular mainstream browsers. THREE TIMES THE NORMAL SECURITY: Most of the mainstream browsers offer just one layer of security only when you connect to an external VPN. Private TOR Browser, on the other hand, offers five layers of security. Three Layers of security come from the special TOR Browser Nodes. You can also upgrade to our premium plan to enjoy a lot more features. Some of the features are highlighted here: Zero Ads Unlimited Global VPN Servers Faster VPN Connection Speed Save Unlimited Bookmarks Access Dark Web & Deep Web with faster TOR Nodes Auto remove Browsing History If you want to request or suggest another feature, please contact us at SUBSCRIPTION DETAILS: Use free for a week, cancel subscription anytime without any charge if you don't like it: Monthly Premium Features for $9.99/mon 3 days free trail Yearly Preminum Feature for $69.99/year with 3 days free trail Payment: Payment will be charged to the iTunes account within 24-hours prior to the end of the free trial period. More on Subscriptions: Privacy Policy: T&C: Subscription Terms:

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