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Oct, 2022


Oct, 2022



This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and DOES NOT provide true earthquake seismograph functionality. Wake up Earthquake has been developed to provide an earthquake alarm. It is possible to detect a very small earthquake through the official feeds like USGS and EMSC. Wake up Earthquake warns you in case of an earthquake and allows you to rescue you and your loved ones. Now you can sleep with peace of mind, sure to be alerted in case of any earthquake! NOW you can activate the alarm just put your phone horizontally on the table! There are 3 types of alarms: - Audio: Can be played 3 different types of audio alarm. - Visual: Can be displayed on the screen a text message. - Flash LED: If available, the flash LED warning through the blinking. You can keep on after an alarm. - E-mail: With this feature you will be able to send an e-mail when an alarm occur. The application now continues to detect earthquakes even in standby mode. In this mode you can also lock the device and you will be notified via audible alarm or notification. You can activate the power saving mode to reduce power consumption of the battery. Now you can enable and disable the alarm at a particular time of the day. EARTHQUAKES IN THE WORLD: This section allows you to see the seismic activity around the world. It is connected with the USGS and EMSC database to always retrieve the most current data. For all earthquakes it is possible to see when the event occurred in your timezone and the event's timezone and also the UTC timezone. It is interesting to see how far away the earthquake was. You can see all earthquakes sorted by magnitude, date, distance or depth. It is possible filter the events for showing only the most significant earthquakes. We are sure that Wake up Earthquake will be very useful especially where earth movement activity is a frequent problem. For any information, suggestions or reports, please contact us.

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