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WiFiAudit Pro helps you generate keys for your network, Analyze your wireless network, generate keys WPA. ** Added the App for Apple Watch ** ===== App Operations ===== -> In the Networks tab you can generate the keys for your network just by entering a word. These are examples of supported networks: ● WLAN_XXXX ● JAZZTEL_XXXX ● WLANXXXXXX ● YaComXXXXXX ● WiFiXXXXXX ● ThomsonXXXXXX ● SpeedTouchXXXXXX ● Orange-XXXXXX ● INFINITUMXXXX ● INFINITUMXXXXXX ● Bbox-XXXXXX ● DMAXXXXXXX ● DLinkXXXXXX ● BigPondXXXXXX ● O2WirelessXXXXXX ● D-Link-XXXXXX ● OtenetXXXXXX ● CYTAXXXXXX ● TN_private_XXXXXX ● BlinkXXXXXX ● AXTEL-XXXX ● privatXXXXXX ● InterCableXXXXXX ● BouyguesXXXXXX ● MegaredXXXXXX ● PTV-XXXXXX ● ptvXXXXXX ● ptv-XXXXXXX ● Vodafone-XXXXXX ● OptimusXXXXXX ● OptimusFibraXXXXXX ● MEO-XXXXXX ● CONN-X_XXXX ● conn-xXXXXXX ● OTENET_XXXX ● Totalplay-XXXX ● Huawei-HG8245-XXXX You can also export information via SMS, Email, iTunes File Sharing or add the information to Favorites. -> On the Information tab, you can get data from the network to which you are connected such as Name, BSSID, Host Name, Local IP, Subnet Mask, Broadcast Address, Public IP, speed your internet connection and location AP (Access Point). -> In the Keygen tab If you want more security this is the best option you can choose between WPA Basic, WPA2 Minimum, WPA2 Maximum or Custom size choosing your liking. -> In the Favorites tab may view information previously stored in the Networks tab. -> Included the App for Apple Watch with the you can view the information stored in the Favorites tab and have access quickly of consultation. ===== App Features ===== Included the App for Apple Watch Help to generate keys for your network Get information from the network to which you are connected Generate WPA keys Save the keys on the device Easy to use Works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad Optimized for iOS 12 ===== More Information =====

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