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Nov, 2022


Nov, 2022



After its success in various mobile platforms in Portugal Now "Wifi Pass Ultimate" is available on iOS... What is "Wifi Pass Ultimate"? "Wifi Pass Ultimate" is a useful FREE tool that allows you to convert a 6-character passphrase (Type1) into a 64 bit key to use for your Wifi. It genetates 64bit key codes. Furthermore you can convert a 16digit passphrase (Τype2) into a secure 64bit key. The application recommends only secure enough keys. How does "Wifi Pass Ultimate" work? 1. Select the algorithm type you prefer (Type1 or Type2) 2. Insert a 6-character passphrase (Type1) or 16digits (Type2) 3. Press the "find" button and wait to convert the passphrase you gave into a secure 64bit key 4. You have to try different passphrases until you find a secure 64bit key Why are not all passphrases acceptable? We accept only passphrases that give secure enough 64 bit keys. Wifi Pass Ultimate includes a powerful algorithm to make sure you are secure. The algorithm execution time depends on your device speed. You can press on a generated key to copy and paste it wherever you want, save it to the favourite folder, sent it via email etc. Any tips? Yes, you can try different passphrases until you find a secure 64bit key. ==================================== -Not internet connection required -Powerful 64bit algorithm to secure your wifi -Universal mode -No database or copyrighted material is included -Free tool/ not commercial use -full localized in English

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