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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



Do you love police car driving games? Want to get into a criminal case? Want to fly your police car like an airplane ? This game is perfect for you! You can test your airplane pilot skills and car driving ability at the same time. Fly your plane around the world discover new landscapes, Drive your police car do stunts and drifts ! get the extreme experience of pirate airplane chase with Flying Car Free: Police Chase. Flying Car Free: Police Chase is totally different from police car games. In this game as a cop you're driving a flying police car rather than driving in city and chasing criminals. turn on siren, lock on target, launch missile, bombard and takedown criminals be the legendary super hero of the world. Enjoy flying police car and be the best cop. Flying Car Free: Police Chase is made for all fans of police games, free car driving games, Simulation games and Airplane Flight games FLYING CAR FREE: POLICE CHASE - GAME FEATURES: *Test your Car Driving Skills * Improve Plane Flight Ability * Stunning HD Graphics * Beautiful Mountains and islands * Realistic and dynamic car physics * Advanced airplane flight physics Install now and feel the best police airplane flight experience!

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