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Jan, 2023


Jan, 2023



What can go through a former warrior’s head upon seeing an incomprehensible portal in the middle of the road? It is to go through the portal, of course, to explore an alternative past, where the world is definitely not ruled by people. SURVIVE IN AN UNKNOWN PAST TIMELINE!!! At different levels, you will find different kinds of weapons you will face many challenging battles. Each location is teeming with monsters and deadly bosses looking to put an end to your life. Features: - Experience a game that combines shooter gameplay with rogue-like, allowing you to experience the game differently each time. - Every new game you will spawn with absolutely randomly generated gun. - Completely randomly generated weapon system that can give out more than 500 unique variants; - Unique graphic style! - Large-scale battles to keep you challenged! -Challenge yourself in endless battles and find, how far you can get. Monsters are getting stronger and stronger!

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